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Hard Fork at Ethereum Classic: New Schedule for Atlantis

As Ethereum Classic Labs announced in a blog post , the upcoming Hard Fork is scheduled for September 17th. With the implementation of Atlantis, the ETC community has two main goals:

1.) The development of high-quality blockchain software, which ensures the security of the network.

2.) Considering the opinions and concerns of the community.

Green light for Atlantis Hard Fork

Atlantis was originally planned for the block number 8.75 million, which is expected to fall on the 15th of September. However, since this is a Sunday, ETC Labs had suggested increasing the block number to receive the update on a business day. Because this would be more likely to be present all affected parties such as exchanges and developers. This would be advantageous to respond faster when problems occur.

Against this background, ETC Labs has announced that it will adjust the block height of Atlantis to 8,772,000 (around September 17). Since a few months pass before the Hard Fork, the block number is a preliminary estimate of the date. Nevertheless, the number has been increased with the goal that the Hard Fork arrives on Tuesday, September 17, around noon UST.

As the blog post also shows, the Atlantis project is currently in a test phase. This merges the original code with the new code, possibly requiring fine-tuning. Apparently, the development team was able to quickly fix any bugs and gaps, and the tests ran smoothly.

Ethereum Classic, DAO and Hard Fork

Ethereum Classic was created in June 2016 by a hard fork from the cryptocurrency Ethereum (ETH). The main reason for the emergence of ETC was the hack of “The DAO”, the first decentralized autonomous organization based on the Ethereum Blockchain. Hackers had managed to steal $ 50 million through a code-hole gap. Since this event, the two crypto currencies ETC and ETH coexist side by side. Most of the well-known Ethereum developers, such as founder Vitalik Buterin, stayed in Ethereum’s development team and did not join Ethereum Classic.

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