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Smartphone with e-ink?

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Smartphone with e-ink – practical or unnecessary Vision?

The very advantages of displays with electronic paper have long been noticed. Among their most important advantages should be mentioned very low energy consumption, infinite viewing angles or a small load on the eyes. No wonder, then, that they quickly found application in readers of e-books . There, very few people could complain about too low a refresh rate or limited responsiveness themselves.

Given their strengths, the manufacturers of mobile devices also tried their hand. Here the most famous example is the series Yota Phone smartphones , which however they failed to attract too many customers. In their case, the company decided to combine a traditional LCD screen with a second eink display. A simple solution, but surprisingly practical. Well, the whole project was not successful. Last month, Yota announced bankruptcy.

smartphone with eink

Now the time has come for the next player. This time it’s about cheaper equipment that appeared at the crowdfunding collection on Indiegogo . The Kingrow K1 phone has a 5.17-inch eink screen with HD resolution, Mediatek Helio P23 (8 x ARM Cortex A53: 4 x 2.3 GHz and 4 x 1.65 GHz, graphics ARM Mali G71 MP2), 2 GB RAM , 16 GB of built-in memory and Android 8.1. The whole looks like another smartphone, focusing on fewer functions and focusing on the most important things and focus on the fight against compulsive phone use. It is a pity that the company itself, Kingrow Electronic Technology, does not arouse special confidence, and the purpose of the collection at the level of 5,000 dollars shows that we are dealing here with amateurs. After all, I hope that more producers will try their hand in this segment.

Foldable screen , electronic paper or a second display?

In my opinion, the eink smartphone makes a lot of sense. Currently, much is being said about the impact of electronic devices on health, including eyes, and such screen technology could realistically reduce the negative impact on the sense of sight. At the same time, not everyone needs a smartphone to watch movies or play. In fact, only with these activities the screen in electronic paper technology would be annoying and impractical. To read ebooks, browse the web or contact the world could work just fine, consuming much less energy than conventional.

smartphone with eink

Here, the devices with two screens are an interesting idea. On the one hand, we have a traditional LCD or OLED panel, and on the other hand – so far nobody has been interested in serious promotion of this duo, so it’s no wonder that nobody wanted to buy it (see the example of Yota Phone). It is possible, however, that some companies, wanting to avoid playing with expensive flexible phones, will still go this route.

source: Android Police

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