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Finally, Skype on Android and iOS with screen sharing

Sharing the screen with Skype on smartphones

Screen sharing is one of the most practical features we find in video calling applications. In total, it can be boldly classified as a mandatory function. The stranger thing is that Microsoft has long delayed the implementation of this option to the mobile version of Skype, while in the desktop it has been available for a long time.


Even more bizarre is the fact that the screen sharing feature on Android and iOS mobile devices has been introduced to the beta version for several months. However, it has only now been recognized that this can be implemented to the full, official version of Skype. Well, considering the ubiquity of smartphones, their huge number of users and how many people are already working on phones, this is the high time to add such a possibility. Certainly a lot of people will use it.

There were also minor changes. In total, the most important among them remains the revised context menu, which appears in the lower right corner of the application while conducting a video call. There also appeared a new option, allowing the screen to be shared with our interlocutor. In addition, there are also options for including subtitles, recording conversations or adding more people. It is worth adding that there was also the possibility of hiding all the buttons during the discussion. A nice and practical addition that will allow you to focus better during the conversation.

The new feature is available for users of Android and iOS smartphones at least 12. You can say that finally and I hope that new products will be implemented faster to the mobile version.

source: Engadget



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