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FIFA 20: EA’s New Football Game to Drop in September

We already have the main news of the expected FIFA 20 . Electronic Arts was ahead of its own EA Play 2019 event and revealed through social networks several details about the new soccer simulator. Among them is the return of street parties thanks to the Volta Football mode and that FIFA 20 will arrive on September 27 to PC , Nintendo Switch , Xbox One and PS4 .

The EA Play 2019 is an event of Electronic Arts (EA) in which it will present news of its titles such as FIFA 20, Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order or Apex Legends, as the company will not attend the E3 2019

Here we leave you the amazing Volta Football reveal:

During the EA Play 2019, it was confirmed that in the Volta mode we will be able to create and customize our own player, being able to switch between poles, pants, short’s, hairstyles, celebrations or even tattoos.

Also, another of the novelties of the EA football simulator is that street football returns with Volta , but that’s not all. This modality will give us the possibility of playing in 3 vs. 3, 4 vs. 4, 5 vs. 5 , futsal, with or without walls and in different ways: Online VOLTA league, history and kickoff.

Also, in recent days, EA gave other details about FIFA 20 through its official blog , which says that the game will have improvements in artificial intelligence of players, game mechanics or the online system . During the EA Play 2019 it is expected to provide more news about the title such as the leagues, stadiums present or the cover player.

It should be remembered that FIFA video games come out annually and are highly played worldwide , so changes and improvements are appreciated by the community. The last installment of the saga was FIFA 19 and went on sale at the end of September 2018, the video game is available for PlayStation 4 , Xbox One , Nintendo Switch and PC .

Without further ado, we discuss some improvements announced by EA for FIFA 20 on his blog.

► Artificial Intelligence (AI)

From Electronic Arts understand that one of the main problems of FIFA 19 is the Artificial Intelligence of the players, both adversaries and peers. This problem can not be solved exclusively with an update, so EA will focus on improving “AI defense and the movements, positions and reactions of AI controlled comrades,” they write.

“The AI ​​defense affects several different game mechanics in an important way, and in order to adjust it correctly, the team needs enough time to calculate the impact that the change would have on other functions in the field,” they add.

► Balance in one-on-one shots

When a player is against the goalkeeper in a face to face, in FIFA 20 users will have the option to score more easily, for “greater authenticity of the easy occasions that occur within the area”, write the EA guys.

Also, in the new title will reduce the reactions of the goalkeepers when they are one on one, which in FIFA 19 were called by EA as “superhuman”.

The height of the shot and its power will also be modified to achieve more realism when it comes to kicking to the goal.

► Exact completions and shots with volleys

In FIFA 20, the players with the most skill will be able to perform the exact completions and the shots with volleys, since their simplicity will be reduced to a great extent, thus benefiting the most seasoned players.

“We will reduce the green period to execute accurate shots from 2-4 frames to 2 frames for all shots, so it will be more difficult to execute them and more skill will be required.” We will adjust the accuracy of the accurate shots so that shots are produced slightly less exact, “says EA.

On the shots with volleys, the efficiency at the time of scoring with this mechanics will be reduced, this measure will also be applied to the center of the players. “They will be less precise and their results more variable,” they say.

► Rehearsed moves and manual movements of the goalkeeper

The tactics of the plays will be modified in FIFA 20, giving the example that in some occasions, the most dangerous attackers do not approach the area to nod or that the lower defenses seek to score the highest. This will be modified to make the play more realistic.

The manual movements of the goalkeepers will slow down, giving more chance of an error occurring. “In the future we will drastically reduce the effectiveness of the goalkeeper’s manual movements to make them slower and more realistic, ” they point to from the EA blog.


Again, EA will increase the possibility of falling into error. The next title of the franchise will have less chance of giving an effective 180 degree pass in certain pressure situations. As it will also increase the accuracy in the simple passes, when there are no players prowling nearby.

FIFA 20 will have a new pass mechanic: high passes controlled by the user . Thanks to this the players will be able to pass the ball at an average height, so that the ball does not hit the defenders’ legs; however, it could only be applied manually.

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