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Chronicle EA Play 2019: Force of the Jedi Invades Los Angeles

Electronic Arts has been the first company to move the record in the already initiated E3 2019 . In the absence of a few days for the fair to open its doors to the public, the American firm has held its parallel event without surprises, but with forcefulness, showing gameplay of its two great pillars and making it clear that this time they want to play on insurance. FIFA 20 and Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order have been the names of the night.

The adventure that the fans asked for: platforms, action, lightsabers

Because when we were still preparing for what was coming, with a frequency of thirty minutes dedicated to each of the video games in their lineup, the first gameplay of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order has shown in all its glory. Cal Kestis, protagonist of the adventure, will be the character we will control in what Respawn Entertainment intends to become a classic adventure where elements of the canceled title of Visceral Games are perceived. An adventure without microtransactions, without DLC, focused on the gameplay, a good story and lots of action.

Fifteen minutes are nothing for an adventure of several tens of hours; but the seen helps us to understand what the title wants to be and what it does not intend to become. On November 15 we will have it in stores for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Battle Charge; the resurgence of Apex Legends

We will not have to wait so long for the second season of Apex Legends . The popular Electronic Arts battle royale will start Season 2 on July 2 . His name will be Battle Charge , with many new features, a new “electric” Legend, new game mode ranked, new Battle Pass with daily and weekly challenges. The new legend will be called Natalie “Wattson” Paquette; but at a playable and content level we have a new mode, Ranked 1.0. In Ranked, players will face each other to sneak between the top 6 individual places (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond and Apex Predator) to get exclusive cosmetics and rewards at the end of each season depending on the role of the place they occupy in the ranking Here we tell you everything.

The war continues in Battlefield 5

Then came Battlefield 5 , with its Chapter 4 and 5 set in the Pacific . Autumn will be the season chosen for the fifth chapter of the current title of DICE to begin, a location that does not catch us by surprise as it was already seen in Battlefield 1942. To recreate the maps with the greatest fidelity, the developers have moved to Japan to reproduce perfectly the battle places. Among them will be Iwo Jima , a volcanic island in which the Japanese fought during the decline of the Japanese empire.

As we said, there will also be news for Chapter 4, such as Al Sundan , a desert in North Africa inspired by landscapes from the war history of the flag-less campaign. Regarding Operation Under Earth , it will be a tribute to Operation Metro. Inspired by the Battlefield 3 map, it provides the player with a gameplay that focuses on infantry action of great intensity, but with greater flexibility.

Soccer is also played on the streets

And then FIFA 20 , which we already have many details. On the one hand, the release date: September 27 . Electronic Arts has presented the first trailer with playability of what appears to be the last major episode of the saga in the current generation of consoles, and will do so with an added that many wanted to have back: FIFA Street. Under the name of Volta Football , “the authentic experience of small-scale football, a way of seeing this sport that moves away from the stadiums and introduces us to small spaces around the world”. There will be several variants such as Volta World and Volta Story ; the first, centered on single-player matches against squads created by the community; the other, centered in the narrative, a story mode.

Personalization will be another of the most important aspects of VOLTA Football. The player will have the possibility to customize his player, from the wardrobe to the hairstyle, tattoos and celebratory emotes.

FIFA 20 will be launched on September 27 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC . Regarding the Nintendo Switch version it will be a “Legacy Edition”, so we do not know if it will include these new VOLTA features. According to the official portal of Electronic Arts, the ” Legacy Edition ” is “an update of equipment and templates that aims to reflect the latest changes that have occurred in the world of football. The Legacy editions do not include any new game features or innovations. “ Regarding the graphic engine, they do not include Frostbite engine .

The Sims go to a paradise island

And we end with The Sims 4 , which has presented its new expansion called Island Life, which will take us to paradisaical lands. It will be released on June 21 and will allow us to board motorboats. Canoes, swimming, diving and snorkeling will be added. The actions of the Sim affect the island. You will be able to surf, fish, and exercise as a lifeguard, without forgetting the fishing for the next meal. Another interesting element is that we will have the opportunity to blend in with the traditions of Sulani and his way of life. Here we show you all the details .

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