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Komodo Exposes Major Vulnerability in the Agama Wallet

The development team of the Blockchain platform Komodo has learned of a security-related vulnerability in the Komodo- Wallet Agama. As a result of the discovery, the cybersecurity team exploited the vulnerability to forestall any attackers. The team brought eight million units of the crypto currency KMD and 96 Bitcoin (BTC) to safety. Now the deposits are on two “safe” wallets that are under the control of Komodo. The Komodo the project announced on its website on May 5 announced .

After we discovered the vulnerability, our cybersecurity team used the same exploit to gain control over many affected seeds and secure the vulnerable funds. We were able to pick around eight million KMD and 96 BTC from these vulnerable wallets, which would otherwise have been easy to find for the attacker. Safe Wallets RSgD2cmm3niFRu2kwwtrEHoHMywJdkbkeF (KMD) and 1GsdquSqABxP2i7ghUjAXdtdujHjVYLgqk (BTC) are under the control of the Komodo team and assets can be reclaimed by their owners. Further information can be found on our support page.

The equivalent value of the vulnerable crypto deposits amounts to around 12 million euros at the time of going to press.

Funds: Safu, but …

Those affected are now required to withdraw their coins from the Safe Wallet of Komodo and regain control over their own funds. However, this is not done with two mouse clicks. On his support page Komodo describes the steps necessary to recover the coins. Among other things, it requires two computers (one on and one offline) to sign the transaction offline.

Komodo has not yet mentioned the exact vulnerability for obvious reasons. Apparently the vulnerability lies in a code library, which is used in the Wallet Agama.

Details of the nature of the vulnerability […] will be released as soon as the necessary steps have been taken to secure the funds.

Meanwhile, users of the Agama version “Verus” can breathe a sigh of relief: their deposits were never compromised.

It is also unclear who pointed out the error to Komodo .

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