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Kantar Survey: Who do Consumers Trust?

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 In a context of consumer mistrust of brands , the media and more generally institutions, restoring confidence to the heart of its marketing strategy is the priority of the year for brands. The “Dimension 2019” study conducted by Kantar thus recalls the importance of demonstrating more authenticity and transparency: for 67% of consumers it is important to identify all communications paid by brands . “There are thousands of brand messages a day, but consumers are very selective today, they are communication pros, especially young targets who see very well if the brand is respectful and if we can do it trust: if the acts and the contents correspond to this guarantee that they bring him “ , emphasizes Philipp Schmidt at Prisma Media Solutions in the press release of Kantar.

Family and friends convey strong trust

The study highlights the growing influence of non – advertising techniques in order to engage a trusting relationship with consumers . While the adblockers and the RGPD have been there, today’s generation sorts the sources of information with the baton. “The consumer decrypts, advertising is there to create brand stories and sell, the consumer knows it very well, so it takes honest advertising that tells a story of honest products , adds Gautier Picquet at Publicis.

To the question, which sources do consumers trust, the French say a big yes to friends and family with 72% , ahead of the Internet (64%), the social media (42%) or blogs (40%). “In this data-driven society, we should not forget the intangibles that PRs can do – they can create credibility, authenticity, and desire,” says Emily Morgan, The Red Consultancy, via the press release. Kantar Press. Context also plays a major role: 65% of them claim to be neutral to advertising or even say they like it , when 48% are more appreciative of ads on their favorite platforms.

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