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Becoming a Copywriter with no Prior Experience or Qualification

All steps on how to start the Copywriter career gathered in one place. Learn how to become a Copywriter right now.

If you are looking for tips to get a copywriter job or how to become a copywriter, even without a specific degree for the area, with no experience and therefore no dozens of jobs already done to include in your resume , you have reached the right place.

To begin with, it’s good to make clear what a copywriter is. He is a writer who, in addition to being able to write well , is able to use some persuasive tactics in his texts in order to make the reader make a decision, such as downloading an e-book or even acquiring a service. That is, it needs to apply textual elements that generate conversions.

With companies increasingly digitized, there has been a growing search for professionals who know how to do good copywriting. Thus, we can say that investing in this area will bring many advantages to your writing career .

Well, we have already said that it is necessary to have some notion of techniques . This is what will give quality to your creations – even because if the result does not please customers, they will stop hiring you. Despite some demands, this does not mean that it will be so difficult to get the first jobs. With a few secrets, you can get started soon enough.

And stay calm! We will not speak here of those well-known cliches , such as “study hard,” “pay an expensive course,” or “spend several days to make a huge portfolio.” We will focus on the most practical part , which will take you several steps ahead of many colleagues who have been in the field for some time. So, shall we go?

Go where customers are

Calm! You do not have to get out of your chair. Nor do you need to make desperate advertisements on the internet to get to a customer. Understand, in the next few lines, why we say this.

It was common, some years ago, for professionals to recommend sending e-mail to a list of potential customers. But have you ever stopped to reflect on the possible effect of this?

Just think of how you feel when you get messages or phone calls from companies insisting on selling a product or service that you did not ask for. How likely are you to be persuaded to buy something you do not even care about?

Likewise, advertising about yourself on social networks , such as Facebook, can even give you some results sometimes. However, imagine yourself in a customer’s place and think about your expectation of giving relevant results to your company. Would you hire the service of someone you have never seen in your life and whose work you did not have the opportunity to meet?

You’d probably have one foot left, right? You would miss a guarantee of quality and punctuality of production. Knowing this, if you are still a beginner and have no experience, know that acting like this, most of the time, is a waste of time.

Already creating a blog can be great – but generally, this serves as a complementary strategy. It’s a way for you to become a little better known, practice your writing and find your voice. However, you will need to devote yourself to driving it so that future customers will reach it.

In addition, some may require evidence of experience or references to former contractors. If you have not yet done anything like what the prospect is looking for, you will probably be lost, unsure how to make you secure in closing the contract.

Not to mention the risk of being hit . So even if a blog is a good tactic, it is necessary to devote enough energy and have a certain traquejo.

However, when you start with platforms that connect you to customers, that start tends to be easier. In places like Rock Content, orders are ready – you do not have to promote or demonstrate past experience .

What’s more, at Rock you do not need to spend lots of money for tips on how to become a copywriter. Just do the initial courses – which are free – and create your application. With this, the possibilities of work are continuous.

Understand what customers care about

When we get into this medium of freelance writing, we realize that, although all jobs require good writing, each client has different requests and needs.

Some will need articles for the blog with a light and informal language that teaches readers digital marketing concepts, for example. Others may request a more formal e-book for an audience composed of doctors and medical students – this second case is becoming more frequent in all fields of knowledge.

So the great experience of a copywriter will be irrelevant if he does not understand technical concepts or have training in the required area.

Already that inexperienced writer, but with deep knowledge of a certain theme, will have more chances to present fantastic content , that reaches the objectives of the project. And, again, platforms are places that deliver opportunities to this new freelancer .

That is, being in this market for years can be advantageous in some cases and allow someone to have a much easier time building personal branding , but that is not what customers are looking for.

What they are looking for is someone who does not reproduce generic content and understands what they write . Think: When writing, you use the voice of a company. That way, any failure you make in conceptions or idea constructions will put the brand image at risk. It’s her reputation that is at stake.

In this context, the professional who has the most ability to produce technical texts will have advantages.

Do a market research

Sometimes the customer does not require experience. When this happens, it means that he really wants someone who does a job with relevant information, quality and assurance of delivery.

But do not think that just this will ensure your success. The demands of the market are constantly changing, so you have to adapt to them to be a 5-star copywriter.

For example, notions of SEO are fundamental for articles to reach a good rankings in Google . Thus, you need to understand concepts such as keyword and scannability and track bot changes in this field.

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One subject that has gained prominence lately is the creation of video scripts for the internet . They are written instructions on how the presenter will approach a particular topic and involve, among other things, the description of the scenario, the choice of language and the outline of what will be spoken in each moment of the video.

Already the production of e-books and email marketing , despite being an older practice, is still part of many applications. Social posts and social media jobs are other demands that have not gone out of style yet.

So be sure to be within marketing trends so your productions are valuable. Remember that by understanding what customers want and innovating their capabilities, you prepare to meet their needs.

Create a viable minimum portfolio

We talk there at the beginning of this article that some clients bother to take a look at the style of their work before hiring it. This happens mainly on platforms that allow the contractor to choose a specific copywriter for each of the requests.

In that case, if you have a sample of your work, you gain some credibility points because it will show customers that you have the ability to do exactly what they are looking for.

That is, you will have a focus and follow it. This is a more efficient posture than throwing it all over the place and sending generic proposals that leave you wanting and do not make the customer feel so confident.

Let’s take an example? Imagine that you found a request about a script for video and became very interested in it. What you need to have in your portfolio , in this case, is just a sample of a roadmap. You see?

In this situation, it is no use sending that fantastic e-book or that wonderful poetry, because that is not what will make the client realize his ability in what he wants.

You know what’s most interesting about this? It’s just that most other freelancers will do exactly the opposite . Your competitors will send an immense portfolio to show that they already have a lot of experience time, sinning for lack of objectivity, because what the client wants, at that moment, is only to find someone skilled for their need.

You may be wondering, ” but what if I’ve never done something like what he’s looking for? “Or” What if my job has been as a ghostwriter and I can not disclose it? “. Well, in these two cases you have the option of creating a dummy sample.

It will be small and can have approximately 200 to 400 words, since the goal is only to show your competence to the client .

Also, you do not have to worry about sending something that exactly is his request. If, for example, he wants a text about “8 places to visit in São Paulo”, you can send one about “3 places to visit in Rio de Janeiro”.

And if you’re interested in a more specific job that you do not know yet (for example, email marketing), Google is there to teach you some great tricks. Rock Content blogs are also full of educational articles on many topics.

In short, you do not have to wait to have the experience to create and send potential clients a portfolio of hundreds of productions. Show one or a few jobs, which may be fictional and do not need to be too large, but that are objective and related to what they need.

Editor’s note:
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Repeat the process as necessary

From the moment you start producing multiple jobs, you can already enter them into your portfolio – as long as the client authorizes them. This saves you some of your work, because when similar requests appear that you have produced, just send those demos to the contractor .

And even after gaining some experience, know that you may come across some situations, such as:

  • you discover some new digital marketing and realize that it can pay off in the future;
  • you have fewer jobs on your weekly schedule and you want to increase your production to improve your income;
  • you are interested in a new niche and want to explore it – for example, you always wrote about veterinary and now you want to venture into technology.

If something like the above scenarios happens, you need to go back to the least feasible portfolio approach and create a small sample of a text for the project or client to which you want to submit your proposal .

In fact, whenever you can upgrade, do so. This will be very positive for your career, as more doors will open and you will acquire more skills in areas that promise good opportunities.

Go ahead and keep earning money

So that’s the way. As you have seen, we have not talked about the need to take a supercar travel and spend months studying or working on a huge portfolio so that we can start working as a copywriter. Learning from practice is often much more efficient.

If a certain fear arises, think the following: you write from childhood, so what you need to do is just hone your skills .

What can happen is to hear a “no,” but you will not stop trying, right? In addition, it is always possible to learn from customer feedback as this is a return on what you owe and what you should not continue to do.

As we mentioned in the introduction, of course, in this preparation to become a copywriter, it is important that you master some basic approaches to persuasion, such as mental triggers and sales techniques .

However, with the tips we have given here on how to become a copywriter, you already know that you can start your work from scratch – with no experience and no diploma in the field. Over time, you will gain even more baggage, you will be able to invest in other studies and you will see how promising this career is .

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