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Streaming: Will Twitch stop being free?

Sports | Will Twitch stop being free?

Twitch is one of the platforms to watch streaming of the most important video games on the planet. One of the reasons for its popularity is that it offers very useful tools to its users, such as its Affiliates and Partners programs, or its large number of active users.

Besides that Twitch is free, clearly. But what would happen if the situation changes? What if Twitch stops being free? In recent days, a Twitter user named Streamer News shared a link to an account that   It showed an exclusive transmission for subscribers and that it had a free preview time. Twitch has not confirmed the information , so we recommend caution to all readers.

Here the capture so you can see it with your own eyes:

As you can see, just above the ‘Subscribe’ button appears the message: “Your free preview ends in 03:50″, which translates as ” Your free preview ends at 03:50 “.

In addition, below is detailed more about the supposed benefits of subscribing: see streamings without advertising (without exceptions), subscriber badges and unique emoticons . It also adds “watch and chat during exclusive streams for subscribers”.

Here is the original Streamer News tweet:

In the same thread of tweets, the person in charge writes that the image could correspond to an old test of a Twitch tool . Then, Streamer News adds that there is no confirmation about the information and that there could also be a scenario in which only eSports users have to pay to see, while regular users would continue to consume content for free.

We show you the continuation of the tweet:

We’re going to leave the original tweet because it’s sparking some good discussions. And maybe that will be helpful to Twitch. But it seems like this is not something coming for regular partners. Probably select esports streams only.

– Streamer News (@StreamerNews) May 27, 2019

The information has not been confirmed by any official means of Twitch , so we recommend readers take this information with tweezers.

There are other antecedents of monetization of live transmissions. For example, we have League of Legends with its Pro View , which offers a payment option that ensures special content for those who disburse money. However, for those who are not interested, they can continue to watch their games for free.

In the case of the video game developed by Riot Games, League of Legends , Pro View is offered. This form allows users to pay to see everything that a professional player sees, also in what part of the click or what outstanding play has been made thanks to a timeline. Its cost is US $ 14.99 and US $ 19.99, the only difference is that the first gives you access to League 2, while the first to League 1.

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