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The Most Amazing Single Player Games

The best games for kids you can play on PlayStation 4

The market is changing all the time and many times it has been speculated that one day games designed exclusively for one person will completely disappear. All the time trying to create more variations on the subject of cooperation, combining the campaign with a multiplayer game – once it comes out better, sometimes worse. Today I will remind you the best games for one player – of course, some of them also have network modes or modes of cooperation, but in my opinion it is based on an independent adventure.

Today I will remind you the best games for one player – of course, some of them also have network modes or modes of cooperation, but in my opinion it is based on an independent adventure.

Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2

Super Mario Galaxy is in my opinion the best series of three-dimensional platformers in history and it remains only regret that it was available only on one gaming platform – Nintendo Wii. Beautiful (for its time, but also today, many years after the premiere), very ingenious, “light”, pleasant and addictive. It’s tens of hours of fantastic fun for a player of all ages and if you like the platform games, you’ll need to check out Super Mario Galaxy or Super Mario Galaxy 2.

Grand Theft Auto V

GTA V is one of the best games ever, regardless of the genre. Incredible, addictive, polished story of three thugs, whose fates came together, eventually leading to the creation of a perfect, though explosive, group of thieves. The game still impresses with its amazing frame, level of detail, story, depth of character. And although the series thanks to GTA Online enjoys great popularity when it comes to network games, it’s definitely a great adventure for a loner.

The Last of Us

A very, very atmospheric and well-made story about the USA 20 years after the mushroom outbreak. The story of Joel and Ellie is definitely the best and most interesting adventures in the history of electronic entertainment. For this, a survival horror, which many players will shiver on the back.

God of War

Some of you will think that I should rather write about the first three parts of the God of War series. These are, of course, great games, which at the time of its premiere were primarily on the knees of graphics, but the last part of the series that completely changed the story is the best part. Incredible adventure of the Greek god of war who has to face the Nordic deities. Binding on the knees, the story draws in a few tears squeezing players with children. If you plan to sit in front of the screen alone and indulge in electronic entertainment, God of War will be a great choice.

Halo 3

They say that the Halo series ended up in a trilogy and it’s hard to disagree. Halo 3 may be naïve, largely focuses on network games – but in my opinion, the story mode deserves to be checked. I know what I say, I passed it 5 times.

Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty

Direct continuation of Metal Gear Solid from 1998. Addictive adventures of Solid Snake, who this time must examine the ship and the drilling platform looking for a mecha that is said to be able to carry nuclear missiles. Metal Gear Solid has always been connected to the game itself with perfectly realized interstitial videos building the plot axis. And although not everyone will like the stories told by Hideo Kojima, the game is definitely worth a chance, although it is already of age.


One of the most atmospheric FPSs that hit the gaming market. We will come here to visit the amazing underwater city Rapture, in addition, the game will throw us to the 60s of the twentieth century – which gives the production even more interesting atmosphere. An amazing, captivating and beautiful story that is definitely worth exploring.

Red Dead Redemption 2

It was not, it is not and for many long years there will be no more and more refined cowboy production on the market. Amazing open world, great attention to detail, interesting heroes, a mass of side activities – this testifies to the power of Red Dead Redemption 2 . Dozens of hours of fun, although I am sure that some of you will be able to spend there 100 hours or more.

Super Mario Odyssey

There is no better portable platform game and Super Mario Odyssey is a must-buy if you have a Nintendo Switch. Previously, no one could do such an extensive and great-looking platform game for mobile devices – and many have tried. A great adventure for at least a few dozen hours.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Since you already have Switch and Super Mario Odyssey, the next purchase must be The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild . The series has never looked so good, it did not offer such a large living world and it did not make so much fun while exploring it. And the fact that you can take this production with you on a journey makes it hard to find a better time killer on a train or plane.

Final Fantasy VII

One of the best, if not the best Japanese RPG in history. Flying, but amazing and well-told story. Multidimensional heroes memorable for many years, a coolly executed combat system, lots of places to explore – and in addition to the main storyline, many things and activities that you can focus on for hours. Regardless of the platform, it’s definitely worth getting to know Final Fantasy – unless of course you’ve done it a long time ago.

Gears of War

The beginning of a great series about the Locust attack. The tale can and is a carbon copy of many movies and catastrophic books, but Gears of War delighted with the setting, the gameplay model, the dynamics of the story and the incredible climate of the burning that accompanied the player from the first minutes of the game.

Persona 4

In my opinion, the second best production from the jRPG genre. On an equal footing with fights, exploration and participation in history, it is important to build relationships with the people you meet. Production is captivating, it is tender, but it is not frustrating. A beautiful, amazing adventure that will also appeal to those who bypass jRPG games with a wide arc.

And what games do you like best for the single-player game?

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