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Northgard, the Vikings Strategy Game now Available on Xbox One

Xbox has announced that the game of strategy and Viking environment by Shiro Games, Northgard, will reach Xbox One at some unspecified point this year 2019. The title came on March 7, 2018 to Steam (PC), where currently presents a 50% discount that leaves you with a price of € 13.99 compared to the usual € 27.99.

Details of the game

The official premise of Northgard places us in the land of the same name, a place where several Viking clans arrived with the hope of conquering it and making history. But it is not an easy task, since the danger and the mysteries that await in this new land will make players not let their guard down at any time.

In the playable, Northgard presents four different game modes:

  • · Individual story mode : we play as Rig, son of the Supreme King, whose goal is fame and revenge in the implacable desert of Northgard.
  • · Single-player skirmish : choose one of the seven clans and discover each of its unique and special characteristics.
  • · Northgard: Ragnarok : this mode is a struggle to survive is a devastated environment, tormented by death and unknown mystical creatures.
  • · Competitive multiplayer : in this fourth mode we compete against other players in dedicated servers with the objective of reaching the Rimesteel League.

Northgard obtained qualifications with an average of 80 in Metacritic that praised its good work in the strategy genre, those sections in which it innovates and surprises and the fact of choosing the Viking setting.

The price of the game on Xbox One has not been announced, but if we take into account the Steam, it could oscillate around € 30. We also do not know its exact date, but we do have the certainty that it will be this year 2019.

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