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Is Freelancing Full-Time Suitable for You?

Are you prepared to be a full time freelancer? Many of us do freelances in isolation. Whether because the money is short or because you painted an incredible project of which we want to be a part, but always keeping our jobs and career plans pre-established. However, if you follow the contents of the blog already know that being freela by option is a reality of our times.

More and more professionals are abandoning the security of the office to take the reins of their own career and this is not something so unusual. But the question remains: is this the right move for you?

In today’s article we will help you to understand if it is time to take this step and we will talk about what will be important to succeed in treading this path. Ready? So let’s go!

What to ponder before making this decision?

Almost everything you know about work will change the moment you decide to become a full time freelancer . It is that within the offices, everyone who is not the owner of the business has a limited amount – however big it may seem – of day to day assignments. Being a freelancer is changing the category, moving from employee to entrepreneur, and comes with a lot of assignments you can imagine.

This means that, even if one has an extremely appropriate profile for the area in which it operates, there is not always, within the professional, the profile to be autonomous . Taking this step without understanding the difference will be quite risky.

In the following topics we show you what a freelancer should consider before leaving the corporate world. See how comfortable you feel with the following statements.

I have a budget to keep me going for a long time

Unless you already have a few customers lined up, you will need to have a financial reserve to keep for a while. Until you establish yourself as a freelancer the bills will continue to arrive and you have to deal with them without too much additional stress, after all, your energies need to be focused on building a customer base . But beyond that first moment, a freelancer will always need to have a different relationship with money than that of a CLT professional.

It is up to you to ensure your livelihood in the most varied situations. In case of illness, for example, you will not have a license to survive until your health improves. Having a budget to stay for long periods of time is one of the principles of a freelancer’s life and you need to find out if you are ready to have that kind of financial control.

I love my profession

It may sound cliché, but liking your profession will make all the difference in success as a freelancer. Within companies, doing well is what you are asked for, what is essential, since there is a whole group of people motivated around you, ready to remind you how important what you are doing there.

In career as a freelancer, however, your motivator will be yourself . If you do not like what you do and are not too keen on updating and acquiring new knowledge, you may find yourself “stuck” in an area that is not as close to your beach as you imagined.

I can plan the future well

A common problem for freelancers is to live in the past. Most of your instant plans, those that rely on immediate budget, will have to suit that. It is that commercial proposals take time to pass – and they are not always.

In order to survive this you will have to be great at planning the future and you will need to do this every day for the rest of your career.

Why turn freelancer full time?

We are not here just to make you think about what makes a freelancer’s life difficult. We could not conclude this article without mentioning some of the reasons why a freelance career has become such an attractive option for most people. Here are some of the key benefits of betting on this change.

Autonomy over earnings

The country is in crisis and it will take time to get out of it. Professional freelancers, however, are better equipped to succeed because they do not have their futures linked to a single company. If a partner is struggling to make money to pay for the services you provide, there are many others out there that need your help and this will help you compose your income.

With multiple clients, a freelancer is able to earn far more than someone who has a fixed salary . Using platforms and applications to work without leaving home, he has a way of getting to know new customers constantly.

Flexible schedule

One of the main complaints, especially of the “night people”, is that working during business hours is quite limiting. The same holds true for mothers and fathers who want to be more consistently part of their children’s routine and for everyone who can perform their tasks remotely but are not allowed to do this in the company in which they work.

As a freelancer you will be primarily responsible for setting your hours and this is already a reason both to opt for the career.

Quality of life

Another reason to become a freelancer is the quality of life . Flexible schedules, control over one’s earnings and freedom to choose for those who want to work create an environment conducive to improvements such as learning a new language, spending more time near friends or starting a sport. All of this is good for your life in the long run and will make you a better and happier professional.

The decision to become a full time freelancer is very intimate. You are likely to meet people who, in less favorable situations, had the courage to make that change in their careers, and others who, even with everything in line, did not. Thinking about it, however, already puts you much closer to the first category and is a good indication that this is one of your goals as a professional.

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