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Gunner: The Division 2’s New Skill

Ubisoft has reported that gunner is the new specialization that comes to The Division 2 . It is already available on the public test server as long as players test it and inform the company of its strengths and weaknesses in case a calibration is required. It will arrive definitively to the title next to its next update.

Specifications of the new class

The armament of the gunner will be based on having a powerful machine gun and as a feature has an emphasis on damage and resistance . Among its abilities we find the Banshee ability, which ignores the coverage and manages to cause confusion among the enemies. At the moment that they appear from their covers, the gunner takes advantage to use his special grenade (of anti riot foam ) to catch them.

Ubisoft also details that the previous specializations are automatically available upon reaching level 30, but to unlock the gunner you have to accept a special field investigation. We detail that it is about five phases of challenges in the game, each with its own set of objectives and rewards. When we complete the five phases, we will receive access to the artillery specialization and the new specialized weapon of the SHD arsenal .

The Division 2 gunner

If we have the Year 1 pass of The Division 2, we can immediately unlock the specialization without needing the requirements explained in the previous paragraph. Even so, you can participate in special field research if you wish, but as you progress through the phases, what will be unlocked will be varied aesthetic rewards such as gestures, team tints, weapon paintings, a special mask and uniform. gunner.

We remind you that the special field research will be available on the public test server from this June 4, but it will not be necessary to complete it completely to test the gunner.

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