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Ferrari to be Included in the Formula 1 eSports Series

After weeks of rumors, the Italian Ferrari confirmed it: it will enter the Formula 1 eSports Series , the electronic sports circuit of the Formula 1 World Championship that brings together the ten best teams of the ‘ Big Circus ‘.

The current edition began on April 8 and the organizers have had to extend the season so that Ferrari can enter correctly.

In the official press release, the car company says it created a division focused on eSports. “To begin our participation in the Formula 1 eSports series, we have decided to establish a special section within the Ferrari Driver Academy ( FDA ) dedicated to electronic sports,” reads.

The FDA is an academy for Ferrari drivers that promotes the development of the talent of the youngest. Of the Ferrari Driver Academy it has left, for example, Charles Leclerc, current fifth place in the classification of the world-wide championship.

In turn, the Italians will not only create a special section for eSports within the FDA, but they will also create it from different points of the company. Ferrari is entering the world of electronic sports with a complete program that will involve several areas of the company and will be implemented in several projects,” they say.

In addition, on the electronic sports mention those of Marianello: ” The eSports are one of the platforms of entertainment of more rapid growth , especially in the field of the races of cars, and will attract the Sim Racers [corridors of simulators of race] and fanatics who are rapidly increasing in number, especially among young people. “

Formula 1 eSports series took place for the first time in 2017 and in the championship to define the classifieds it got more than 60,000 people to participate. On that occasion, the winner was Briton Brendon Leigh, also champion of the 2018 series with Mercedes-AMG Petronas Esports.

Ferrari has a division for other racing simulators of great renown in the world of eSports such as Gran Turismo Sport, iRacing or the popular Assetto Corsa.

The Formula 1 eSports series kicked off last April and will award half a million dollars in prizes.

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