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Digital Marketing Tips for Any Freelancer

Without planning, it will not work. Which strategy games have attracted us the most?

The freelancer’s informal work style has several advantages. The freedom to produce at home office and when it is most convenient are some of them. However, with the competition increasing in the market, we need to find ways to differentiate ourselves. Thus, it is imperative to be within the trends of digital marketing.

Why, we work with him all the time, right? So do not think it’s just learning the basics of core SEO concepts and never thinking about it again. If you intend to have a future in the area and be an increasingly recognized professional, you need to leave the comfort zone, seeking to upgrade and add value to your productions.

For this, we list some trends that every freelancer should keep an eye on! Come on?

1. Influence Marketing

Influence marketing is a digital marketing strategy that engages independent content producers with influence over a particular audience. The term “content producer” here is very broad and may involve not only copywriters but also YouTubers or anyone who has the habit of transmitting relevant information to an engaged community.

These people can be large or small digital influencers. So, do not assume that only those with an absurd amount of followers on social networks have more business opportunities. Depending on the strategy used and the goals of a company, it achieves even better results with a micro-influencer of a specific theme.

One strong reason why influence marketing is a trend is because it provides great conversion through an already recognized and trustworthy voice. That is, it is a way to get leads to move faster on the shopping journey.

With that in mind, we can conclude that anyone can be an influencer, including you. Just get people to stop and listen to what you have to say.

2. Customizing content

Have you noticed the amount of texts practically repeated, which do not add anything new, we have out there? Not counting those where it is clear to realize that the only purpose of the post was to rank with the keyword.

You may have heard that with every update of Google’s algorithms, bots have been smarter and favoring really relevant articles. But how do you make them interesting to the reader? Simple: not just one more in the crowd.

So doing something generic, even if production is faster, will not bring benefits to your work in the long run. Do you know that approach without exclusivity, which we often receive in advertisements in the email, whose only feeling that causes us is to report as spam? Yeah. Possibly readers will experience this same feeling if their content fails to attract attention.

Therefore, one of the most promising digital marketing trends that will hardly go out of style is to create personalized jobs. That way, in addition to adding new information, try to put, as much as possible, a little bit of you in each text. Talk to your readers and create an engaging experience. The result will be a more differentiated production. With this, they will remember your article every time they think about that subject you quoted.

3. Artificial Intelligence

No robot wars against humans in a dystopian scenario. At least not yet. Forbes , for example, has invested in artificial intelligence to help journalists and content producers.

The tool is able to recommend topic articles based on the topics of each employee’s previous productions. This technology, which is still in trial version, also produces article versions where editors only need to improve quality without the need to start from scratch.

The goal is to make productions more efficient and to facilitate consumption by readers. In addition, it can be positive for companies that need to make many publications monthly.

But do not be discouraged thinking that AI will steal your space at work. We, humans, still have the differential of creativity, emotion, empathy, etc. Robots help us automate tasks, but we have the power to leave a more personalized and authentic text.

However, it is always good to repeat: get out of the ordinary and always try to diversify. Thus, you will have more ability to produce epic content .

4. Voice Command

How many words do you type each day? Do you feel a tired hand and your spine complains at the end of the day? If you are a copywriter who creates a high volume of articles, you are likely to see advantages in your productivity when using voice recognition applications.

And here we are not just talking about well-known virtual assistants like Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant. Applications that convert voice into text are the ball of the turn, as they allow for more agility and fewer errors at the time of typing.

With this, it is possible to avoid problems that usually disrupt performance in daily production, such as repetitive strain injury (RSI). Not to mention that when we use this technology, we are not forced to remain seated. We can enjoy it while we walk or do other activities.

But the advantages of this modernization do not end there. It can be a facilitator in social inclusion by allowing, for example, people with visual impairment to have more space in the job market.

5. Production of videos

More than 86% of Internet users watch videos on the Internet – and the expectation is that this percentage increase. This way of consuming content usually brings more comfort, since the person does not have to stop, sit and read. Information is absorbed in a more dynamic way, which helps to keep up with the fast pace of a futuristic world. Another advantage that makes the video more and more targeted is that it has a possibility of sharing up to 1200% more than texts and images.

Thus, it will be even more usual to see companies betting on mechanisms such as webinars, virtual classes, stories and IGTV. They will make an important contribution to the conversion and consumer shopping journey.

But where does the freelancer get into it? One of his main roles will be in the production of video scripts . It can assist in planning and describing the scenario, content, key idea, persona, language, and text that will be recorded. After all, videos, as well as articles, need good preparation and a captivating approach to reach your ultimate goal.

Well, now that you know the trends of digital marketing in 2019, you just need to adapt to them. It is interesting that you, as a good freelancer, do your homework, seeking to innovate, recycling your knowledge, in order to deliver jobs that meet the needs of customers and thus achieve more professional success.

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