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5 Social Media Strategies of Brands

Five brands presented their social strategies at the Paris E-Marketing Fair on April 9, 2019.

EDF: the social media for more proximity

For EDF, as for many brands, “social networks are crucial in the strategy to be close to our customers and the various stakeholders that are the press and institutions that follow EDF,” says Hubert Blanquefort d’Anglards, director of communication EDF Digital and Innovation and President of the Advertisers Club, convinced of the importance of content to create an organic commitment. LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or, again, Snapchat: EDF animates its communities on all these social networks with “different rhythms” , says Hubert Blanquefort d’Anglards, and “different strategies” . “On Facebook, we do not do social selling, because there is no desirability for our offer,” he says.

On the program of EDF’s social approach: a program of ambassadors deployed three years ago and an accompaniment of some twenty leaders; a care for e-reputation and deportalisation to get audiences where they are through content and influence . “We are working with 300 influencers, referents, to publicize EDF’s programs, like EDF Pulse,” said Hubert Blanquefort d’Anglards. Because the stakes are clear for the speaker of the Paris E-Marketing Fair: ” acceleration and proximity”. “You have to go fast, but my tweets are not just about me, but about the company I represent, fluidity, responsiveness and live are the norm.The other challenge is to be close to our audience to respond to their questions and win, retain and regain their trust. “Last brick implemented by EDF, the opening of a” Social Room “, on October 1, 2018, which takes the form of a” Live Hub “, integrating the press, with the aim of piloting the strategy, carrying out monitoring and conversing.

Axa France: a Social Room to take the pulse

“Social networks are part of the communication strategy,” says Valérie Leselbaum Stepler, Media Director, reputation and influence of Axa France, ” We have about ten accounts, on which we do service and talk about the employer brand.” basic finding of the insurance group? The subject of insurance is not the most shared on social networks, nor in the most positive way. However, by conducting a more thorough watch, Axa notes that its brand is much cited, particularly associated with the issue of “breach of contract” .

Axa has created a reputation team , to monitor the weak signals and tell who the brand is. “200,000 mentions stamped Axa are monitored , testifies Valérie Leselbaum Stepler and 30% of these quotes are from employees.” Hence the importance of educating employees about good social practices and the right terms to use, via a Social Room . “This is an awareness hall, training and crisis management, if necessary. We have configurable screens to transmit the information to trades and set the tone of the messages, she reacts. The challenge is to allow, thanks to this datavisualisation, to take the pulse of the company. “

AG2R: content marketing and regional pages

For the insurer that is also AG2R La Mondiale, the issue of the practice of social media is essentially to send leads to the 1,000 commercial brand. “We want AG2R to be recognized on the theme of social protection , explains Virginie Dulchain, marketing director and data director of AG2R, whose teams write content for salespeople, ” for the purpose they use it on their personal social accounts . Another marketing initiative: the setting up of regional pages driven by marketing to talk about local news – followed by sales representatives AG2R also targets chartered accountants, through the implementation of a club expertise and solutions and contents.A person, full time, animates these pages.

Nathan: a social network dedicated to teachers

The school publisher Nathan has two targets, two strategies. “We communicate mainly on Facebook to address the families and our own social network, to be in contact with teachers,” said Nathalie Bachelier, general director of the BU Pédagogie and preschool Nathan. She explains the genesis of the project: “We have always had a strong link with the teachers trained by our educational conferences, professional journals like Le Journal des Instituteurs and in contact with our sales staff, but we perceived that teachers were waiting for a tool of exchange and sharing, outside the eyes of the hierarchy. “

From there, the platform was born, allowing teachers to start training, share news and test new sequences in class, helped by experts. But, ” space has mutated , Nathalie Bachelier testifies, towards more collaborative.The teachers help us to create new books, we have them tested in class, including”. The social network brings together 108,000 teachers .

Unicef ​​France: influence and com ‘strokes

“We work closely with marketing and sales, fundraising and public awareness”, contextualises Eskandar Benaicha, head of digital communication at Unicef ​​France, who shares examples of campaigns run by the association . As the end of the year is a good time to collect, Unicef ​​is counting heavily on the month of December: a TV campaign was rolled out from December 10th to 31st, 2018, through 4 films worn by 4 personalities – Alessandra Sublet, Christelle Reboul, Teddy Riner and Amir. Results: 13.1 million potential contacts on the target of +50 years; + 19% of traffic on the 4 landing pages.

“Influencers are for us indispensable, says Eskandar Benaicha, to seek public that we struggle to capture and to spend the messages.” UNICEF also put on social networks “younger” as Instagram, “a good communication hitting lever, but that was not up to the fundraising with regard to Operation Hope On Sale, “ he concludes.

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