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4 Ways to Make the Most of your Ad Campaigns

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By launching its perfume “L’Interdit” and its lipstick “Forbidden Red”, Givenchy had to fulfill a double objective: ” It was necessary to be disruptive to distinguish itself on a period of end of the year which concentrates a lot of launches, while working the image of a brand and an offbeat product, which breaks the codes with our slogan Dare Prohibited, to put in perspective with our signature brand Fearless Classic “, explains Elise Wilhem, Project Manager Digital – Social Media & Influence of perfumes Givenchy, who was on stage with Guillaume Doki-Thonon, founder of Reech, at the Emarketing Paris, to present this case recently awarded the prize for the best campaign of influence at the Grand Prix du Social Media .

Five influencers generated no less than 45 Instagram stories for the brand , reaching nearly a million people, for 3 million impressions and 167,000 commitments . But beyond the results, the interest of the presentation resided in the strong choices made by the brand and its agency, and which allow to draw four lessons for those who want to launch in the influence.

The choice of influencers

In order to stand out, Givenchy decided to collaborate with influencers who were not particularly referenced in the beauty / perfume universe, and who had little or no work with brands in the sector, as explained by Elise Wilhem ” We wanted people recognized for their creative daring, who sticks more with the spirit of the brand .” Five influencers have been identified by Reech: ” Two of them have a community of more than 200,000 people, two others of less than 100,000 people, and the last one is in between. a very Parisian community “, explains Guillaume Doki-Thonon, according to which” 150,000 accounts in France exceed 5,000 subscribers, which is considered the beginning of influence . “82% of French influencers have a community that does not exceed 50 000 subscribers. “A mix that combines reach and commitment, as Elise Wilhem points out during the Q & A session:” The smaller the community, the more active and committed it will be to the influencer and his publications. , for a lower cost . “ On average Reech collaborates with about fifteen influencers per campaign. Here, the limited number allowed both to obtain the desired reach, and to better control the quality and consistency of the content produced.

Sequencing of the operation and complementarity with other media

In order to create the suspense and tension around L’Interdit, the campaign was divided into several stages, with the launch of the lipstick first, then the bottle, the name and finally the information on the Parisian evening organized for the launch of L’Interdit perfume. She was following the sequencing of the TV campaign deployed by the brand. Today, some of Givenchy’s target audience, especially the youngest, do not watch TV, so you have to pick them up on other channels, while getting repetition through them .” In parallel, other social media activations were launched, including a larger campaign of influence, co-realized with Sephora : ” A professional team assisted the influencers of this operation, while those selected by Reech had a total freedom, to vary tones and audiences . “

4 tips for optimizing your #marketing #marketing campaign from living room # EMKTP2019 with @Reech_com and #Givenchy

– (@Emarketing_en) April 10, 2019

The choice of format

For this campaign, it’s Instagram stories that have been favored, in order to “get back to the codes of the perfume launch TV campaign.” Instagram is by far the most engaging social network, and the storie format is the most likely to telling a story , the stories produced by each influencer during the various stages of the campaign form true short films, with each one’s own universe “, explains Guillaume Doki-Thonon, before comparing the performances observed between posts and stories: ” Take a community of 100 000. On average, a post will have a commitment rate of 35%, against 14% for a storie.For the range, the figures will be respectively 25% against 9% However, if the figures of the storie seem less good, the latter affect more unique people, who will look at the entire storie and be more engaged . ssions, which is 72% for posts, versus 83% for stories . “ Another tip: the number of contents within the same storie must not exceed 7, otherwise the rate of viewing drops by 70%.

The ROI calculation

There are several techniques for calculating an ROI, the simplest is to observe the evolution of sales, but except in the case of a DNVB which would only be a marketing operation at the same time. it is impossible to attribute these sales to influence alone, there is still the possibility of putting a promotional code, but we must keep in mind that the logic is to track the sales related to the campaign of influence, and not to promote, “warns Guillaume Doki-Thonon. The latter favors the comparative method, which consists, if we have a history, to compare the cost of each view and commitments compared to another lever previously used. Finally, is the good old method of calculating a space purchase equivalent.

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