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American Verizon boasted its first 5G transmitters installed in Chicago. The tests of journalists made on Samsung Galaxy S10 5G smartphones make a huge impression. Transfers reach nearly 1.4 Gbps and not only in SpeedTest but also in real applications.

5G makes a difference, staves WiFi speeds

Verizon launched the first 5G transmitters in Chicago 6 weeks ago, but the first tests using a special version of Motorola Z3 did not work out sensational. Journalists complained about the speed achieved, the battery disappearing in the eyes and range. At the end of last week, the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G debuted in the US and the operator invited everyone for the second round of testing. Their effects are much more positive and they are very optimistic about the development of the 5G network .

As you can see, for example, in the picture below published by the Cnet journalist, the Galaxy S10 5G was able to achieve speeds of up to 1.4 Gbps in Speedtouch. This is 99% more than what your cable internet provider offers and what your network card can do. Upload does not make this impression anymore, because it still remains within the 4G speed range, or around 60-70 Mbps. Verizon emphasizes, however, that he now focuses on the stability of data retrieval and range.

Hot damn, this is like a whole different 5G network #Verizon # GalaxyS105G #SpeedTest

– Jessica Dolcourt (@jdolcourt) May 16, 2019

Impressions do not make pings, they are comparable or not much better than in the 4G network, and apparently the new technology was to significantly improve them. This is also a matter for refinement in the future. You have to admit, however, that the download speed works on imagination. For example, the entire first season of Stranger Things from Netfliks to TechRadar journalists was able to be downloaded in less than 39 seconds. The same operation on a phone with 4G network coverage lasted … an hour and 16 minutes. A 2-hour movie from the same website can be downloaded in less than 10 seconds. On the other hand, the speed of downloading games from the Play store was comparable in both networks, apparently the Google servers do not provide adequate bandwidth ;-).

The Galaxy S10 5G itself with the Qualcomm X50 modem also performs quite well. It is equipped with a battery with a capacity of 4500 mAh so it allows quite a lot. The tests show that you can achieve 5-6h SOT (screen turned on) while often using the advantages of 5G, which requires the use of an additional modem. It’s a pretty decent result.

Unfortunately, it is not so beautiful at all

If I made you wait for 5G coverage in our country, I would like to cool your enthusiasm. Unfortunately, the problem of the 5G network will be the range. Verizon in Chicago has about 10 points, where it offers the coverage of the new network, but only at a distance of 30 to 100 meters from the transmitter. All doors, walls and windows effectively dampen the signal, so the 5G range is basically just outside (not counting one Verizon showroom, where the transmitters are installed in the building). The extension of this range to larger areas will take time and unfortunately it will be the same in Poland. Not to mention even smartphones, Galaxy S10 5G costs in the US about 1,300 USD, it’s quite a lot for a smartphone ;-).

The 5G Revolution, however, is fast approaching, I do not expect it in this or even next year, but it will happen. And with her again, the way we will use the internet can change, having access to it at virtually unlimited speed.