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Decentralized Identity: Microsoft Unveils Blockchain-Based Open Source Project ION

Decentralized identity: Microsoft presents the blockchain-based open source project ION | BTC-ECHO

Microsoft is taking yet another step in the direction of decentralized identity with ION . The primary objective here is that each and every human being has a decentralized, digital identity and controls it himself. These DIDs (Decentralized Identifiers) must be protected by their personal identifiers. Thus, Microsoft desires to make safe interactions among organizations, individuals and gadgets feasible.

According to a May 13 web publication, the enterprise has worked hard to produce open source elements.

So-called identity hubs are meant to guarantee safe, encrypted storage of private information. The DID network named ION (Identity Overlay Network) is based mostly on the Bitcoin Blockchain. This new notion is created to drastically enhance the throughput of DID methods to accomplish tens of thousands of transactions per second.

Synergies for Digital Identity on the Blockchain

Microsoft formulated the venture collectively with partners of the Decentralized Identity Foundation ( DIF ). The DIF engages several global businesses and organizations to develop an open, available ecosystem of decentralized identity.

One technical crux of the venture, is the boost in the volume of transactions without affecting the qualities of decentralization. Especially the cooperation with DIF members ConsenSys and Transmute played an significant part, in accordance to Daniel Buchner, executive system manager of the Microsoft Identity Division. Microsoft claims to use a wide variety of synergies to advance the venture. Daniel Buchner writes in his blog post:

The code for the ION reference node is still in rapid development, and many aspects of the protocol still need to be implemented before it can be tested on the main Bitcoin network. (…) As with our previous announcements, we share our work as early as possible – with all its rough edges – to start a conversation with the community and encourage collaboration.

Companies currently on board to operate ION Nodes consist of: Equinix, Casa, Learning Machine, Civic and Cloudflare.

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