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The iPhone XR 2019 will Cause Some Controversy. Is Apple in Control?

Ugly, uglier, iPhone XI. The new model can be an Apple display

iPhone Xr 2019 with cosmetic patches

The successor of the iPhone Xr will not bring with it huge changes. In principle, we notice delicate changes that will bring this model closer to the models iPhone XI and XI Max . The cheapest proposal itself will also be improved in several aspects. It is a pity, however, that there will remain a significant indentation in the front screen without changes. Competition shows that it can be done better, but Apple apparently felt that their clients do not need it. Undoubtedly, it’s a big surprise.

iphone xr

Without a major change, the 6.1-inch IPS screen will remain. The housing will also be made of the same materials (glass backs, metal frame), and customers will be given a choice of several different color options, e.g. red, blue, white or yellow. It is hard to be surprised by the multitude of versions, since for many customers it is one of the most important advantages of this smartphone line. The whole is to drive the newer Apple A13 system.

iPhone Xr

Interestingly, the iPhone Xr 2019 will offer an even more capacious 150 mAh battery compared to its predecessor, approximately 3100 mAh. Considering that the older model has already offered really good working times, its successor may fall even better in this field. It can also be enjoyed by the fact that this time the 18 W charger will be available in the set immediately.

Apple knows how to trigger a discussion

If that was not enough, the iPhone XI 2019 will bring a double camera with it. In my opinion, it is a great decision of the company and I am very happy that also in their cheapest flagship will appear such a photographic module. Certainly in terms of the quality of photos or movies, he will not be ashamed.

iphone xr

Unfortunately, the new rear looks are also behind it. I believe that this time the company will not show up and will prepare something about the controversial aesthetics. The big island with cameras looks quite poor, though it looks better here than on the iPhone XI, in which three eyelets will appear. For sure it will be a willingly discussed element. It will be fun, however, when other producers decide to follow the same path and copy the look of this module.

iPhone Xr

The device dimensions will be: 150.9 x 76 x 8.3 / 9.1 mm (without / with the camera module). The official premiere of all new iPhones will take place in September, there is no reason to count on price cuts or revolutionary new products. For sure, the new iPhone Xr 2019 has a greater chance of success than its predecessor. Finally, a dual camera will be added, and the set will be an 18 W. charger. I am curious about how the community will adopt a new look of Apple smartphones, which will be a little different from what we’ve known, but on the other hand, little will change. One thing is certain: the new iPhones will be loud.

What do you think about this look like Xr 2019?

source: Gizmochina

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