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Will You Buy Final Fantasy VII Remake in Episodes?

As if the world does not like the renewed versions of the classics, and ultimately people buy them. We do not want to experience old stories told anew, but everyone is excited about Final Fantasy VII Remake. I also can not wait, but the decision to sell the game in episodes is in my opinion a failure.

Already the first teaser shown at the E3 2015 fair, a completely new look at iconic Final Fantasy VII has electrified the players. In my opinion, it was a courageous decision of Squre Enix, especially because it was time for reluctance to remasters, remakes and generally refreshed versions of games. Several years passed, there were more than two new versions of hit songs on PlayStation 4 – and we’ve all got used to it. The same thing happens after all to Nintendo Switch , which even in bulk gets its portable views of older productions. If such games were not sold, nobody would do them. If Square Enix were not sure that people would buy Final Fantasy VII Remake on a massive scale, they certainly would not be working on this production.

The game was recently quiet, until Thursday’s State of Play, or a short online presentation of upcoming 4 games on PlayStation . The star was the herald of Final Fantasy VII Remake and what can I say – the game at the current stage looks great and promises to be great. The story will be great, in the end it’s the same story as the original version of the game, so it can not be broken. Generally, the only thing that creators may have a problem with is the reactions of ordinary FFVII die-hard fans who will not accept that someone takes to be a classic. But I think that proper promotion of the game will cover these negative voices, and it will definitely affect the final sale.

The problem may be the Final Fantasy VII Remake sales model

The fact that the refreshed Final Fantasy VII will be sold in parts has already been talked about a few years ago. Although Square Enix did not really specify exactly what it is about – from their statements it was possible to conclude that FFVII will be an independent production sold as a single product, and generally there will be more refreshed parts. However, I was very hoping that the company would give up this idea and give it a complete product that we will simply buy once. But unfortunately, the next media reports from foreign websites only confirm that Square Enix will actually sell Final Fantasy VII in parts. Does it make any sense? In my opinion no.

Splitting the game into episodes was very good for production from Telltale Games (for example The Walking Dead), which from the beginning was created like a serial. But here you also have to like this distribution model, for example I have waited for all episodes to be available and only then I set about playing. Splitting the FFVII part completely does not suit me, mainly because the original was distributed classically, so there is not a single reason why the remake would be divided into parts – even if it would be possible to close the game in a few coherent episodes. Sure, Final Fantasy VII is not a game for one evening, the original is at least 40 hours of fun. And although remembering this title for Nintendo Switch (do not ask how many times I bought this game), I do it in batches, playing a few hours every few or even several days, but after one “episode” I want to be able to continue playing, I do not want to wait. I want to pay for the game once and be able to remember the stories from beginning to end.

In my opinion, any “episodes” have sense only in network games, where episodes are really seasons introducing new mechanics or new items and maps into the game. And as you know perfectly well, Final Fantasy VII has nothing to do with it.

I also have the impression that the decision to divide the game into parts is associated with problems in creation. Square Enix is ​​afraid that the production process is growing too long – and rightly so, people are already complaining, because we still do not know the release date or the details of the production itself. And then, actually, dividing the game into parts will save their skin when it comes to completing the game. After all, who will not let them release the first episode when, for example, the third one is just created? They will give a half-year waiting period, claiming that after the next seasons anime fans often wait even longer.

Very bad idea, which in my opinion may bury this great promising title. So I hope very much that in a few months we will find out that the company will adopt a classic distribution model and one day just release Final Fantasy VII Remake, and we will buy it as a simple game, in one complete part.

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