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“Epic Content Marketing”: Tips for Better Copywriting

The book “Epic Content Marketing” was published in Brazil in 2016 and developed by Joe Pulizzi, founder of the Content Marketing Institute (CMI). The book provides brilliant insights for copywriters and copywriters, which we summarize in this post!

If you are looking to generate your income with jobs as a freelancer , you know that you need to learn more each day to become a great expert in what you do. After all, your salary depends directly on the quality of what you deliver, does not it?

Thinking about it, we’ve prepared this article with sensational tips from Joe Pulizzi in his book “Epic Content Marketing” to boost your results and refine your copywriting .

Just follow the mentioned topics to leave your customers gaping at the evolution of your writing . Has interest? So, here are some epic tips!

The book

The book “Epic Content Marketing” was published in Brazil in 2016 and was developed by Joe Pulizzi, founder of the Content Marketing Institute (CMI), a company focused on that trend, and a speaker known for spreading the word around.

Even if it is aimed at the persona of Pulizzi – entrepreneurs and managers who need to optimize their marketing strategies – the book is so good that it provides brilliant insights for copywriters and copywriters as well.

Epic Content Marketing

So, let’s examine these tips to make your copywriting epic?

Initial Tips

Understand that you have to sell without selling

That’s exactly what you read: The goal is to sell without having to force a sales language. Pulizzi makes that clear in his book. But, what about copywriting?

We know that the focus of copywriting is precisely to take the reader to an action , that is, to sell you an idea. However, the author argues that we should do this without shouting to the public in a friendly, interactive and trustworthy language. The goal should be to connect emotionally with those who read and help these people become smarter.

Content needs to be challenging and aggregating. Only then, will he achieve his ultimate goal – the sale. Rather than opting for a straightforward and straightforward approach to who is most concerned about persona’s money, we have to focus on providing valuable insights that conquer the reader in their emotions and their intellect .

To do this, you can use storytelling , for example, and entertain the audience of the company that hired you with engaging stories.

Even without “selling,” our content should be so good that people should be willing to pay for it , as well as the Pulizzi. The dialogue should be cordial and exciting enough to indirectly sell an idea, an experience and a way of doing something.

Understand that readers do not care about products

When I read the book, that was a part that marked in particular. This poignant phrase drew my attention to the fact that, without empathy, it is virtually impossible to do a good copywriting. From then on, I began to struggle to put on the shoes of the person for whom I am writing and to really try to understand their pains.

This is what motivates me to write complete content: the fact that it will help someone whose suffering I understand.

Pulizzi’s idea is this: the reader does not care about the wonderful products and services that you may be trying to present to him. It will probably fall on the website after searching a search engine, looking for a solution to your problem. He only cares about his own need.

Therefore, the copywriter must work to convey the proposal of a company that is not overly concerned about what it offers, but with the pains of its people. Our writing should be 100% focused on the person who reads , on their characteristics, their habits and on relevant topics related to what they need.

Authors of novels and short stories deal with specific universes and characters. The purpose is to understand the life of a particular character. Guess who is the main character in copywriting? That’s right, it’s the person! Our concern should be to make this explicit to them as they read. The reader should feel within the text, living with words, ideas and grammatical structures.

The content has to solve their doubts about what keeps them awake at night. For this, it is important to anticipate objections to your client’s company solutions.

Pulizzi cites the example of River Pools, a company that managed to grow within the local pool trade when it realized the importance of producing a didactic content that answered the main doubts of its people. When they decided to talk about their consumers, not theirs all the time, and understand what difficulties they might have, they developed a way to shorten the path to the brand.

Principles of good content

Okay, but what exactly does good content need to have? You must be wondering already. The Pulizzi presents some principles, as we will see next.

Be human

Good copywriting is one that can be human, which looks like persona, with the same language it usually uses, and a sensitive approach to what it faces.

After all, everyone likes and trusts who they look like. The psychologist Robert Cialdini puts it very well in his work “The Weapons of Persuasion”: we tend to accept the proposals of someone who is a friend or at least that knows our great friends, precisely because of the affinity .

The content has to be friendly and establish a bidirectional interaction with the persona as a friend who starts chatting in a relaxed and carefree manner.

This also has to do with what Philip Kotler, a modern marketing guru, wrote in “Marketing 4.0” of 2016. The author asserts that effective marketing strategies in our time are what highlight the human aspect of companies, with focus in intellectuality (useful, well written, relevant) and emotionality (engaging, exciting and urgent).

Have a point of view

You need to have a specific goal with each content and get right to the point. The reader needs to have a clear idea of ​​what the company presents and the solution they propose. It is important to seek relevance in copywriting, but also to filter out what really matters to the person at that time.

In the book quoted earlier, Kotler also cites another human characteristic that must be worked out by brands: personality. This has to do with a way of saying things and a specific approach, but also with self-awareness and ability to make mistakes. To make this point clear, the point of view must be the north of consultative writing.

Satisfy a need

Content is useful when you answer the main questions and go straight to the pain of the reader. For this, it is fundamental to go beyond the scope of the product or service offered by the client and seek peripheral themes that complement the solution of the problem of the person.

Features of Epic Content Marketing

How about some practical tips for an epic content according to Pulizzi?

  • An epic content is one that fits well into the current time context. That is, it is what is done in real time, which takes advantage of recent events to strengthen the proposal;
  • An epic content is also grounded in facts, data, statistics, research;
  • Epic content is focused on the customer, but also on the company’s mission and defined goals;
  • Epic content makes the reader miss him when he does not access it. It becomes part of his life and routine;
  • Epic content represents the voice of the brand and the company very well;
  • An epic content catches the attention of the person;
  • Epic content is associated with the much talked about principles of copywriting: it’s specific, it generates curiosity and excitement, desire and even fear of losing and of running out of that solution.

Joe Pulizzi has a lot to say about how to do an epic content marketing and his tips are key to completely changing your copywriting once and for all. To achieve more aligned, professional, and engaging writing that brings real results to your customers, be sure to apply the tips listed above.

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