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CS:GO: More Cheats, Glitches via the Exploit and The New Danger Zone content

In the world of CS: GO, a lot is going on lately and it’s not about the eSports scene at all. Adored by the millions of games from Valve, she was recently exposed to a fairly serious loophole by which to ban. It was enough for the stranger to join the lobby, who later could incorporate things treated by the VAC system as a scam. At this moment it should be safe, but it is worth keeping vigilance. It is not known what else will come up with people who love to make life difficult for others. In order not to be only negative, CS: GO has an interesting update of the battle royale mode – Danger Zone.

CS: GO again with problems

Probably some of you do not know that quite recently there was a quite unexpected situation. Two of the methods that allow cheating in CS: GO have been broken and made available on the web . Nothing special, if not for the fact that it was possible to use them only after purchase. Yes, we’re talking about “cheering” for real money. Someone got angry or provoked and decided to figure out how the soft discussed works. We managed to get around the security, extract the necessary data and then let it go into the world.

In one day, it attracted over 20,000 people, which unfortunately is not a reason to be happy. The game Valve has long struggled with people who have “boosters”, and now that more advanced tricks are available for free, the problem can only increase. It is not known whether the developer has used this incident in his favor and checked for himself what has been made available, but there is a risk that there are more “cziterów” on the servers now.

Two of the biggest private #csgo cheats has been cracked and published to public.

Enjoy your Matchmaking and FACEIT / ESEA experience.

Downloaded 23 182 times so far

– Lukas Berć (@Kameeleon_) April 27, 2019

Apparently one of them, which until recently cost less than PLN 10 (per month), is already detected by the VAC system , or at least this information was provided by Lukas Berć. It is not known if the second cheat has already been discovered. It all began on April 27, and only a few days later Counter-Strike: Global Offensive saw another scandal.

Player player with a wolf

As I mentioned at the beginning, CS: GO had a vulnerability that allowed unauthorized code to run on our account. It was enough for someone to join our lobby for a few seconds to get into a very unpleasant situation. After turning on the game, it turned out that we have turned on “shit” and immediately got ban . It affected quite a lot of people, including even streamers. The situation was so serious that the game developer decided to turn off the lobby in the game, so that there would be no more casualties. Here, the creators are applauded because they did not have to wait long for the effects. Everything happened in the last 24 hours and most likely it was possible to patch the exploit. At least this can be inferred from the message from the developer.

And today’s Release Notes, including a lobby exploit fix:

– CS: GO (@csgo_dev) May 1, 2019

However, I am curious to find out how the whole error from the lobby was found at all. Could any of these “cheats” help in this procedure? These two events divide only a few days and it is possible that someone found something in the shared code, which allowed such machloyki. Of course, that’s just my guess and it could just be just a coincidence. Even so, the average CS: GO players have not recently had a light touch. Instead of playing and competing with others, they must now wonder if someone on the other side is cheating, and by the way they could get a ban without foundation. This is not what it should look like.

CS: GO - Sirocco (Danger Zone)

Danger Zone with a new map and improvements

Along with the update repairing the lobby, a lot of new things related to the battle royale mode appeared. Added a completely new level called Sirocco, which you can see on the material below.

I must admit that the map is impressive and I am happy to check how it looks on the move. Apart from her, the creators added new items, ExoJump Boosty, Bump Mines, pinging system and much more. If you want to learn all the details, I encourage you to check the post of CS: GO creators here . It is also worth mentioning that Blacksite was temporarily excluded from matchmaking mode.

You have to admit that CS: GO has not had an easy life lately. It’s nice, however, that we managed to add something new to the game, but there is still a risk that there are even more cheating players. Let the creators quickly deal with this, because after many years I am tired of dealing with people whose skills exceed what is able to represent such Astralis. Maybe it would be worth considering the solution that has been introduced to Apex Legends ? This method will not eliminate everyone, but maybe it will succeed, although reduce their number? I would like Valve to take some bold step in this direction, because I still have the impression that they are underestimating the problem or simply do not want to change anything. And what is your opinion on this subject?

At the end, a small curiosity. This is what your match may look like if you play on the free CS: GO version

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