The new battle royale from the creators of the Titanfall series delighted millions around the world. It was even said that “Fortnite killer” appeared on the market, because at one point Respawn Entertainment was on everyone’s lips. It’s vain to look for such a successful debut on the electronic entertainment market. Apex Legends turned out to be a phenomenon, and the popularity it gained surprised everyone, including the developer himself. Nothing, however, lasts forever, and it’s extremely difficult to keep players busy. No one should be surprised that the game had to slow down because no one was ready for such a spectacular success. The bubble finally burst, and now it’s time for some stabilization. The only question is whether the players have not written the title for loss?

Good and frequent new content is the key to success

Looking at such productions as: Destiny 2, The Division 2, PUBG, Fortnite and Apex Legends, it is clearly visible how important and difficult task is to keep users in production. New things, gameplay balance, fixes, add-ons and the like must appear not only at appropriate intervals. What is important is what they represent. If the novelties are too rare, they do not bring to the play what fans expect or are too expensive, then the number of active people on the servers will quickly decline. Battle Royale, which was the first to cause such a buzz, is unable to stand up to the day after the competition has given him a powerful blow. At first, PUBG offered a breath of fresh air that the players were looking for.

Unfortunately, the number of errors, the lack of interesting content and a large number of cheaters meant that the eyes of the recipients of this production turned to a different title. Destiny 2, although I think it was quite successful, was not able to keep the fans with me. The first and second DLC proved to be a flop, and the real addition in the form of Forsaken only partially fulfilled its role. Today we think more about the third installment than the two of us. The Division 2 was completely different . The game did not repeat the mishaps of the first edition and even now offers enough interesting activities that people like to spend time with her. Until recently, it was similar with Apex Legends. Unfortunately, this is not the case.

The price of success

Two months ago, the title of Respawn Entertainment attracted over 300,000 people on the Twitch platform. Now it’s hard to make up to 40,000. Why did this happen? After all, the game received so much praise. People wrote about it on social networks, recorded video materials and, above all, they played. So what happened that everything suddenly slowed down? There are many reasons, of course. One of the most important is the lack of appropriate content. Although the developer provided a seasonal pass, a new character and a few other things, it was simply not enough for people who were used to games and services.

If a new map, solo mode or something else, but also an attractive one, Apex would still be in the salons. Unfortunately, the creators were not prepared for such popularity. Bugs, security problems and other things came to light. Day by day, you can not control the chaos and provide what fans expect. That is why the Respawn studio had to slow down. They focused on patching up their game, started fighting with cheats and probably created a new development plan. It obviously takes time and I bet that in a few months Apex Legends will become even better, but you have to be patient. Could it be avoided?

If the Pole knew he would fall over …

Fortnite is still the undisputed leader on the market. This does not mean, however, that this state will be maintained. Information about the hard working conditions at Epic Games got to the network. Lots of people have to work dozens of hours, many of them over their capabilities, to keep the battle royale in the first place. The price of success is high and it is possible that Respawn Entertainment did not want to go the same way. Apex Legends was designed in secret from the public world. Practically, it was possible to protect this production until the very premiere. But when it was made available, people rushed at it like starving wolves. A breath of fresh air that the game offered was necessary for players.

Even Epic appreciated this FPS. The developer boasted of the results, as did the publisher, Electronic Arts. After the flap, which was Anthem and the average successful battlefield 5, Apex was like a salvation. Such a six at LOTTO, which appeared virtually out of nowhere. Everyone enjoyed the moment, although it was known that the first delight would eventually pass, and the game itself will have to be developed accordingly. Respawn even postponed the creation of another Titanfall. Only for their battle royale to have good support. I strongly hope that this will be possible. Although I realize that this will not happen soon.

Will Apex Legends return to favor?

It is difficult to answer this question. It all depends on what plan the developer has developed. If he manages to deliver everything that the fans asked for and it will be at the same high level as presented after the premiere, there is a good chance that this scenario will come true. It certainly will not be easy. Season pass will have to be more than now. A new map, more Legends and a different mode. That should be enough to start with. Only, will Respawn deliver something like that, and even if, are they able to add more things later?

If someone wants to fight Fortnite, then you need to have a good and long-term plan. Avengers at Epica are a great idea that attracts players like a magnet. You need more such crossovers or ideas of a similar caliber to have any chances in such a duel at all. I would like Apex Legends to have such a punch. Maybe he will have it one day. Currently, it is just a slightly changed game that we got at the premiere. Unfortunately, it is not enough to keep the community. So I am waiting for the next Respawn Entertainment movement, let them not do it too late.