About the fact that the PC market for players dies we hear about every six months, and this one, as an anger, keeps up well and even grows despite popular trends. This time, Jon Peddie Research joins the Chorus Choir, which predicts that in the next 4 years as many as 20 million players will abandon their PCs for consoles and cloud platforms.

The console is better because it is cheaper than a PC

Jon Peddie Research (JPR) is an institution dealing with the analysis of the PC market with particular emphasis on the graphics card sector. It is this company that publishes GPU sales statistics every quarter and creates its projections for the future on this basis. Their latest report shows that between 2018 and 2022, up to 20 million players will give up their PCs for consoles. Mainly they are to be people who have a lower-end computer set (defined as one with a purchase price of less than USD 1,000). Due to the slow progress in the graphics card market, as well as an increasing number of games that are only available on consoles, some people with much more efficient equipment also have their eyes on playing TV.

It is worth noting, however, that the number of players in the world is estimated at around 2.2 billion people , of which 1.2 billion is to be played on PCs. In such a perspective, these 20 million are no longer impressive. The revenues generated by the games look interesting. PC players spent less than USD 33 billion in 2018, console holders US $ 34.6 billion, and mobile platforms collected a scattering of USD 70.6 billion to grow by 25% during the year ( source ).

Not without significance is the fact that next year there should be new models of consoles from Sony and Microsoft, which will offer a stronger specification and will not be so much weaned from the best PCs. However, for those who play only occasionally, an alternative in the form of cloud services will appear. One of the main players in this field can be Google Stadia . Phil Harrison responsible for this project recently again confirmed that to play in 4K only a bandwidth of 30-35 Mbps is enough . He also stated that in markets where the service should debut, most players should not have problems through too weak Internet connections.

The GPU market is doing well, but the limitations are boring

The GPU market experienced its biggest boom a bit over a year ago during the cryptocurrency bubble. After the collapse of the BTC exchange rate and other currencies, sales dropped drastically. The launch of new NVIDIA cards based on the Turing architecture has not changed much. Ray-tracing did not kidnap players, and the new cards do not bring any revolution in performance. Unfortunately, we are all slowing down due to slower progress in reducing the size of transistors. Moore’s law stops working, and subsequent GPUs and CPUs provide only a few percent increase in performance. This is not enough to drive the market, where the time between successive exchanges of equipment continues to increase, because just as fewer people feel such a need. Unfortunately, nothing foretells any revolution, and this state of affairs may persist for a long time …

source: JPR