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6 Freelancing Problems to Overcome

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We see many wonders about the independence of freelance life on the internet, but what about the difficulties? Know which are the main and most important: how to overcome them!

Cool stories about freelance life are common on the web. There are people traveling around the world with money earned through writing posts, making videos and the like, buying apartments, getting married and even planning a cultural exchange.

Yes, my people, but not everything is flowers. And today I come to throw a bucket of cold water at you to reveal six difficulties of freelance work.

Thought you were going to read a motivational post, right? Well, I hope it still is. However, with a touch of reality for you to immerse yourself in a world of awareness. Check out!

1. Freedom is an illusion

Working at home or at a coffee shop can be a good thing, but know that you will have to meet deadlines, make your schedule pay as you would at a CLT job or even at a higher load.

In fact, much bigger! After all, you will not be winning at the moment of coffee, relapsing into the social network or when you go to lunch. Your hours will be properly computed without space for wasted time.

The production load is much stronger, because there are no compensated holidays and much less holidays paid. The dynamic is to produce, produce and produce a little more. Oh, but at least I do what I like, right? Not always.

After all, with the great level of competitiveness, we often have to write about boring subjects that take us endless hours. After all, you need to achieve a certain level of profitability to close the accounts at the end of the month.

In addition, if you accumulate many tasks on Friday, you will hardly have a quiet weekend , as you will have to work on Saturday or Sunday, meaning your head will hardly be completely turned off.

2. Money in homeopathic doses

You can even set up a spreadsheet to account for your monthly billing, but you will hardly be able to count the exact amount you have produced in just one serve. This is because the clients take time to approve the tasks, many need adjustments and the freelancers have quotas of monthly withdrawals and minimum values.

So, there are a lot of people who produce $ 700 a week, but do not make withdrawals above $ 1,000 in a period of 15 days. This is because if you produce 10 texts for the same client, the credits will be extended more and more, because many tasks have different dates and more time in moderation. That is where the need for financial planning comes in.

It is no wonder that many freelancers complain that they are out of money and do everything to get more tasks or even work with external customers. It takes a lot of patience and motivation to handle the message. After all, the financial ups and downs are true companions of everyday life , not to mention the scrapping of budgets offered by poor professionals.

Editor’s note:
In the midst of customer demands, it is normal to lose out on deadlines, agreements and accounts (payable and receivable). With that in mind, we have created the last tool you will need to organize your tasks: the Financial Control Worksheet for Freelancers!

3. Emotional instability

The loneliness of staying hours behind a computer screen, writing thousands of words daily leaves the mind overwhelmed. It is not uncommon for freelancers to miss social networking with co-workers, even bringing emotional instability.

There are people who fall into depression, are overweight, or feel guilty when they do not reach pre-established goals, isolating themselves more and more in the corner of the room or in the quiet of the living room. And you can still suffer from the compulsion to always want to produce more, leading the brain to the famous scam that can cause a real mental breakdown.

I myself have been paralyzed in front of the microphone without being able to write a single word. Totally in the hole in a whirlwind of bad feelings.

In a few minutes of mental masturbation, I had decided to buy a brush to clean land, a rake and a bike to carry everything or already had a snack cart in full operation.

After all, you would not have to think so much and get a better income compared to freelance work. Thoughts come and go or have you ever thought about dropping the routine in exchange for the safety of a public contest?

So the tip is always to take care of health. Those who work with lots of reading , analysis, writing and interpretation need to give the brain a break. Do physical activities, sleep well, drink plenty of fluids, avoid excess alcohol and always be in touch with nature or with something that suits you: series, pleasant readings, children’s games, games, sex, anyway, have a valve of escape.

Otherwise, you might freak out. Yes, it can be worse …

4. Full Procrastination Invitation

The home-office is wonderful from the point of view of getting rid of traffic, rain, overcrowded transportation and other little things. However, it opens up a world of options that can fuel procrastination.

It’s pretty easy to get in and out of the kitchen taking endless cafes, hanging out on the street to feel the sun or even giving that 15-minute nap that ends up being an hour to your own despair.

And there are still the bad habits of going all the time in the mail box, looking at WhatsApp, commenting on a group, or even giving F5 even with the dashboard with three tasks to produce. Yes, some of us have more problems !!!

5. Get sick or suffer an accident

Who walks MTB, skate, skates, plays ball three times a week or practice some sport that puts health at risk, stay smart. In 2018, I broke my left ankle and stayed for about seven days without producing. Wow, but you write with the foot? Of course not, but I had to rest with him within a week because there was a risk of surgery if I were to stay on the floor, even sitting, because the situation was critical.

Another time I got a bad flu with a fever that gave so much chills that it was impossible to concentrate on a text. Result: No production and less money at the end of the month. Therefore, the quality of life is fundamental for who is freelancer. We are our own company and if we get damaged, the whole operational structure will be reached, with serious consequences.

6. Want to embrace the world of tasks

In an eagerness to earn an adequate amount in a given month, embracing a world of chores can be one of the hardships of freelance work. This is because you may not be able to track delivery times, requiring extensions or even cancellations of services, which is a bad attitude for your reputation.

The tip is you know your pace of productivity . Calculate how long it takes to write a 1000 post, an E-BOOK or a post 3000 and see if there will be time to handle the message.

It is important to stay alert to some details as there are 500 word tasks that can take more time compared to a post 1000 because of the topic addressed. So take a closer look at all the details so you do not get frustrated, so that your freelance life can reach ever higher flights.

Being productive is not just doing more things in less time. But do them in a way that will really bring results and positive returns. With that in mind, we set up and make available the Productivity Chart for free. Discover activities that are worth your time really!

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