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Digital Marketing with Webinars

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Web-based-seminar, better known as webinar, is a mode of live video on the internet where one makes a presentation of some particular theme.

Holding events, lectures and conferences for your company is an assertive way when it comes to increasing the relationship with the public.

With the evolution of technology, and the increase of digital marketing strategies , it has become even easier to communicate with anyone who wants to promote your brand.

So let’s talk a bit more about webinars and how to adopt them within your strategic plan.

What is a webinar?

Web-based-seminar, better known as webinar , is a mode of live video on the internet where one makes a presentation of some particular theme.

This presentation can happen in the premises of the company, auditorium or theater, can be assisted online in the digital channels, providing more well-being, comfort and flexibility to the spectators.

This presentation format is used by many brands to catch the attention of potential customers on the networks, to introduce a new product / service in the market or to generate conversions for the brands, having an important place within the digital marketing strategies.

Lectures and seminars have always been great methods of retaining new audiences. With webinars, this process has further expanded content beyond physical space. Providing greater accessibility between product and its consumers.

Benefits of making webinars

The number of businesses that take webinars as part of their content has increased considerably. No wonder, it is mentioned by 73% of entrepreneurs as the best option to attract audiences within the modality of B2B business.

See below some of the advantages of investing in these contents.

More traffic to your website and blog

Online presentations are great at converting people to your business channels, also increasing the number of leads and your mailing list.

In addition, webinars can contribute to the sale of products that were not even disclosed in the content that your company produced.

Engagement in the heights

Watching people who are part of a brand is very important to strengthen the relationship between the public and the company.

Not to mention that the webinars favor the interaction of the viewers, since in many formats the people who are at home watching can send questions that are answered live.

Thus, the audience gets more involved with the content of the company, facilitating the action of purchase or service offered.

More prestige for your company

It is increasingly difficult to draw attention from the audience, given the numerous possibilities that the digital scenario offers its users, which can make it difficult for a new company to stand out in the market.

The webinar can be the way out for your business to succeed! On average, 80% of internet users choose to watch a video of a brand, than read a blog post, for example.

Making a live broadcast , inviting the public to get to know your business puts the name of your company in evidence, and the content is more likely to be effective in front of a new audience.

Brand Authority

Producing a video in real time makes your company seen more credibly.

You may have heard the famous expression “who knows how to live”. Well, webinars do not have any editing or editing. Therefore, when well presented, they convince the public, passing dominion and authority to the company.

Lead generation and sales

If your content is attractive, the chances of having more people watching it is much higher. Creating an online application list to gain access to the webinar makes you have enough leads for your business, increasing the chances of conversion and purchase.

A high-engagement webinar can accelerate your sales by attracting more audiences to the benefits of investing in your brand.

If your video is interesting and deep enough to appeal to the audience, the shopping journey will be more agile.

How to include webinars in your marketing strategy

Now that you’ve stood by the numerous benefits that webinars can provide for your company, let’s take a few important steps that your brand should follow.

Choose a high value theme in your market

The theme to be addressed in your webinar needs to be defined with great care and attention.

It is necessary to choose a subject of high relevance in the market, and that somehow, also relates to what your brand has to offer.

First, it is important to have full control and mastery over the topic that will be presented, so that you do not make mistakes when citing important and specific data of the subject, compromising the credibility of your brand.

Online broadcasting should also attract audiences from an interesting topic that arouses curiosity. Otherwise, your audience may be greatly impaired.

Evaluate your followers’ profiles on social networks to learn more about the wants of the public who enjoy your business. Thus, the possibility of finding a theme that mixes the interest of people and the market can be highly favorable for your webinar to be impacting.

Select experts in your company to participate

One of the highlights of your webinar is setting the speakers for the event. Select highly qualified people, and who have the prestige of the public, that is, experts who are authority on the subject to be presented. In this way, the interaction with the participants will be more objective and enlightening.

The interaction with the public is one of the most striking features of the webinar. Therefore, make sure that the guest has all the conditions to solve the doubts presented by the public during their transmission.

Set the ideal webinar format to get started

There are some types of specific webinars that you can call to make your broadcast bomb in the networks. We will introduce you to some of them:


It’s the format where a presenter conducts the entire event interacting with your audience from start to finish, such as teaching editing and editing tips, for example.

The presentation is one of the most popular content among internet users, who are always looking for tutorials on networks to learn or specialize in something.

Producing a material in this format is not complex. We encourage developers to provide their users with an explanatory pdf guide for viewers to follow more easily from home.

A feature of the presentations is that there will often be no interactions with the audience, since the purpose of this video is instruction.


This format closely resembles the famous talk shows we watch on television. Generally, there is a presenter, who commands the entire schedule, and a person invited to speak with ownership of a specific subject.

It is necessary that the viewer already has a reasonable level of knowledge regarding the subject that will be treated. Otherwise, you may encounter difficulties during transmission.

The presenter will define how the interaction with the audience will be: either he will be responsible for mediation of the questions of the viewers to the guest, or he will make the expert interact directly with the audience.

We need not even say that the person to be interviewed needs to be an expert on the subject to be discussed. In this way, your event only has to gain in engagement, audience and participation from more interested people.

Questions and answers

Very close to the interview, the question and answer model is more direct. The presenter is the one who receives the questions from the audience and responds directly or passes it on to an invited person.

Therefore, the interaction of people in this webinar is indispensable for the progress of the transmission.

The presenter needs to have a little more expertising by responding to audience questions to keep the event dynamic and interactive.

This webinar can generate more leads and conversions for your brand, because through the transmission, you will contribute to increase the level of understanding in a common theme with your market, being able to attract people faster to the sales funnel

It is possible that this format also makes your company more aware of the needs and desires of your audience, planning strategies that are increasingly more powerful and assertive.


This type of webinar brings together several experts in a presentation, approaching a meeting that will be broadcast live on the internet.

The Summit can be a bit more complex to think about, since the presenter needs to master the theme to be able to interact with the other participants.

It is also necessary to think of a more sophisticated structure to receive this transmission. As the event with a larger number of people, the space is generally larger and with more cameras available for capturing and cutting live.

When produced in optimum conditions, summit elevates a company’s prestige greatly, increasing the number of conversions and possible customers.

Make a campaign to advertise the content.

It is necessary to spread your webinar well, aiming to attract a good number of interested parties.

The first step is to create a landing page for webinar super attractive and bold, to attract attention of netizens. Of course this page needs to have the right commands for registration and registration, No details may be missing!

Use email marketing to make frequent shots of your email list. Create an objective newsletter, attracting the user to the landing page of the event. Do not forget to make the link available!

Schedule some publications on the main channels consumed by your followers, be it Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and etc. If you have enough resources, pushing these posts are highly valid strategies for expanding your event.

If your event has experts, it is very important that they publicize this participation in their personal channels, attracting a more diverse audience.

Choose a secure platform to broadcast

What is the most suitable webinar platform to broadcast your event?

If it is an important transmission, focusing on lead generation and sales strategy, surely a paid platform will be the best solution. For it will offer features such as: integrated landing page, chat, conversion triggers and exclusive support.

However, there are free platforms that take good care of those who are taking the first steps.

Among the types of platforms most used are:

  • Google Hangouts : Through Google+ offers group online calls, great for webinars.
  • Facebook : one of the largest social networks of all makes live broadcasts to the public in an agile and optimized way. You can generate more engagement and conversions on your business page. In addition, you can track the performance of your live call through the reaction / interaction icons used by the audience.
  • Instagram: You can make a live broadcast of your brand from the features available in the Instagram stories. The webinar does not take place in a simple way and it is possible to detach it after the end of the transmission.
  • YouTube: Surely this channel is one of the best options to do webinar currently. On YouTube you have more features like limiting broadcast time and accessing performance data, or even schedule your hangout!

Review the results and make improvements

Once the broadcast is done, make sure your webinar has the expected results in your marketing strategy.

Remember to always keep interacting with your audience through good post-webinar practices.

Conduct audience research to evaluate the outcome of your broadcast. This technique is super important, not only to maintain the relationship with your followers, but try to think of more effective actions in the next strategies for your webinar!


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