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The Most Amazing Strategy Games

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The best strategy games

Before we start, I’ll explain right away – you probably will not find really hardcore items that were unbearable for the average player. For they were able to appreciate only real maniacs, for which the elements that had no chance to interest the game of anyone but themselves were important. In my opinion, a good strategy is one that can adequately balance both the level of complexity and the difficulty to also interest people for whom it is not the only and the best genre of games.

Sid Meier’s Civilization IV – lead your nation to the future

About which part of Civilization is the best has been written more than once, fans sometimes even killed in the comments trying to prove their own right. However, I would point Sid Meier’s Civilization IV from 2005. Sid Meier does not make bad games, and basically each of the series’s hits enjoyed great deserved popularity. In Civilization IV it was decided to considerably simplify the interface and a system of great hints, thanks to which more than one person who so far avoided the series with a wide arc managed to convince the game. Sid Meier’s Civilization IV is a strategic turn-based game in which the player takes control of the chosen civilization, and the goal is to develop it to such a level that it becomes a world power.

StarCraft – the king of network battles

Cult Real Time Strategy (RTS). Three factions fighting in space, a great story, the quintessence of the genre and to this day one of the most important items of this type. Among other things, because it has greatly contributed to the development of network games. But even if you sit down alone, it will guarantee hours of great fun. Should she get a badge with the words Top Strategic Games? Definitely yes.

Age of Empires – build an empire, lead them to the future

Series debut, game from 1997. Age of Empires allows you to choose one of 12 ancient nations, and thus a different (there are four) architectural style, which obviously has an impact on the gameplay. Partially a strategic game, in part economic, in which we will observe the development of our nation for 10,000 years. And although the game was two-dimensional, it had a classic isometric projection for those times, it was enchanting with the visual setting in the vicinity of the premiere. Definitely one of the best strategy games.

Company of Heroes 2 – tactics over base expansion

This is one of the most interesting real-time strategies that takes us back to the times of World War II. We will visit the Eastern Front, where, as the commander of the army of the Red Army, we will try to repulse the Nazi attack and then conquer Berlin. Unlike many other RTS games, the Company of Heroes 2 (like the one) focuses primarily on the tactical aspect of the fight itself, while building and developing the base is just an addition. This title had to be on the list with the words best strategies.

Hearts of Iron IV – faithful reproduction of history

Spin-off Europa Universalis series from Paradox Interactive. We direct in it, or rather take on the politics of one of the countries in the interwar period as well as countries from the World War II. Although the game faithfully reproduces historical times, it also allows you to make decisions very freely, creating in effect your own fictitious time line. Planning plays a key role here, although knowledge of history will certainly be useful too.

Stellaris – build space empire

Again, Paradox Interactive, this time a mix of RTS and an RPG game in which the action moves into space. The key element of Stellaris is the expansion and construction of the galactic empire. Just as important as carrying out research aimed at developing our nation is also taking care of its well-being, including providing food or mining minerals – only the right balance will give us the right opportunities for expansion. Many people have greatly appreciated the possibility of designing spacecraft in Stellaris.

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Cities Skylines – a hard life for the president of the city

Some say that the game has little to do with strategy and it is purely economic production. I do not quite agree with this, but in fact the economic aspect is of crucial importance here. As in the very popular Sim City series, our task is to create a thriving and growing city. We will have to deal with many problems, react quickly to them, because only then will we be able to create a real metropolis. Awfully addictive production, by far the best game about building a city.

Ultimate General: Civil War – difficult and demanding, but it gives a lot of fun

A production about the American Civil War, where we can take part in over 50 historical battles. You play as a general in course and get full control over your army. Ultimate General: Civil War is praised for a very high level of realism, and although the entry threshold is set quite high, if you like strategies – you will certainly appreciate this title and spend long hours with it.

Heroes of Might and Magic III – ideal for playing several people with one computer

A cult turn-based strategy from 1999 which gives players 7 campaigns in which we will come across the Antagarich continent. The main element of the game is the exploration of the map, fighting with encountered creatures and expanding cities – and thus adding new units to their ranks and improving them. HoMM3 is also a great turn-based system of multiplayer games, where you could spend long hours together on one computer while having fun together. Definitely one of the best strategy games.

The Settlers II – relaxing and addictive

My favorite version of the series about settlers. Our task is to create and expand the settlement and colonization of new territories. The action is slow, but it’s a great way to relax – in 1996 there was nothing more pleasant than seeing our settlers bustling about everyday activities or small construction sites. The economic aspect here is very much advanced, which in subsequent scenes was tried to align with military issues. In my opinion, wrongly, that’s why I consider The Settlers II to be one of the best strategies.

And how would your ranking of strategic games look like?


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