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Moto One: Competition for Galaxy A and Huawei P Lite

Moto One series

Motorola under the Lenovo Umbrella has only just begun to produce once again and it should be said that the corporation has a superior probability of attaining previous heights of greatness. It’s ample to mention right here the really effective Moto G7 medium-class line. Soon, we will wait to add the offer to the average shelf at somewhat greater charges, but with much more fascinating products and totally clean Android. What’s much more, we’re speaking about gadgets that belong to the Android One line.

moto one

The to start with Moto One and One Power phones proved to be so well-known that the producer intends to broaden the entire line. Motorola One Vision (Moto P40 in China) is going to be specifically fascinating, which will be outfitted with the Samsung Exynos 9610 chip (sic!), A frameless display with a slight indentation only on the front camera, which is specifically the very same as for the flagship Galaxy S10. The set will also include things like 6 GB RAM, a 3500 mAh battery, a dual primary camera with a dual LED and a fingerprint scanner on the back.

Another player in the lead

Motorola One Power 2019 (Moto P40 Note in China) will stand out not only with a huge battery, which will almost certainly have 5000 mAh, but will also be the initial model of this corporation with a triple primary camera. The smartphone will also have a 6.2-inch IPS display with a slight indentation on the front camera itself, and there will also be a 3.5 mm headphone jack.

Motorola Moto One 2019 remains 1 huge unknown in this and it is challenging to say what new features will be included in this device. Currently, there are talks about the triple primary camera and the lowest price tag of all new versions. Finally, Motorola Moto One Action. Which implies a much tougher structure and resistance to water. I feel we can wait for a fascinating proposal from the Americans.

In my viewpoint, the future Moto One smartphones can grow to be major rivals just for the new Samsung Galaxy A series this year, but also for Huawei P Lite and some other devices, which will likely develop into middle premium. If only the new Motorola will work with subscription, then we can assume that their preliminary price tag will fall swiftly and then they will be capable of delivering a whole lot, specifically as we are speaking about versions from the Android One line. I will not be stunned if Nokia also will feel the genuine threat of the Americans.

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