Nintendo has stolen the hearts of gamers mainly with its eight-bit console linked to the Television – Nintendo NES. A wealthy library of video games, taking care of the highest high quality, accessibility – almost everything worked just fine there. But in 1989 on the industry appeared yet another tools from their engineers – Game Boy. A moveable console that has won the globe and has enamored gamers.

Game Boy: eight-bit moveable console. She was not the very best, but all people needed her

A characteristic green display. Violet (pink) buttons. A substantial plastic development that to this day seems indestructible to me. They had been the ticket to Tetris prior to the summer season … individuals who could afford this kind of a amazing gadget. A gadget that hundreds of thousands of video game fans after dreamed about all more than the globe. Tetris, Super Mario Land, Tennis – I recall these video games from childhood, searching foreign catalogs and magazines about video games that had been in my hands. A gadget that I occasionally noticed on keep windows, but I had no illusions – we could not afford it. But like the entire college – we envied 1 fortunate man who received this tools in the early 90s from a loved ones from abroad.

I have the impression that whilst in complete (which include Game Boy Pocket, Game Boy Light and Game Boy Color) virtually 120 million copies of this gadget had been offered in the globe, only the richest ones could count on it in Poland. I acquired my to start with Game Boy a handful of many years in the past. Why? A tiny out of curiosity, a bit of “sentiment” (if you can get in touch with it that), and a bit since it can be a piece of background in the advancement of mobile taking part in, which I only adore in the globe.

Game Boy: a great deal worse than the competitors, but he won all the industry battles

Game Boy has become synonymous with portable consoles. The players did not part with them, and the AA batteries were always on the shopping list. Fortunately, these were enough for a long time – and it was largely due to weak Game Boy subassemblies, which were not really power-hungry. The equipment itself, however, was full of restrictions and … simply in the world fell out poorly with the color screens of the competition. However, he was affordable, offering adventures with heroes who were not anonymous to players. There were more Mario, more Donkey Kong, more Final Fantasy, more Balloon Kida and Castlevania. Have all these adventures been thriving one particular hundred %? Absolutely not. But moveable gaming in people days was an addition and curiosity. Nobody essential “full experience”. But everybody, like one particular guy, played with him properly!

Game Boy: technical information

  • Processor: eight-bit Sharp LR35902 (clocked at four.19 MHz)
  • Memory: eight KB
  • Screen: a liquid crystal show with a resolution of 160 x 144 pixels.

Game Boy: fourteen many years of joy

The existence cycle of the very first gameboy relatives is fourteen many years. Fourteen many years of historical past, all through which we lived to see a total host of many video games that proudly represented their genres. There have been amazing platformers (Kirby’s Dream Land), arcade (Avenging Spirit), logic video games (Mole Mania) and RPG (Pokemon). Probably it was at Game Boy that we had the very first RPG game in which we could conserve the game at any second. The mobile nature of the platform essential combinations that have been not previously essential.

Nintendo just knew how to do it

Before Game Boy appeared on the marketplace, there was a series of Game and Watch consoles. From the pretty starting, Nintendo knew how this marketplace will work – and rather of fostering innovation and the most potent tools on the marketplace, it went into gameplay and affordability. Instead of giving pears on a willow – she offered inexpensive, available and with a amazing library of video games. To make the total “user experience” even far better – the set contains absolutely free headphones that presented an astounding knowledge. The stereo sound in the console was a thing entirely new at the time.

And whilst Game Boy’s beginnings have been excellent, with the development of the game library – gamers had even a lot more motives to be delighted. The equipment started to seem in shops. Some of them manufactured enjoying much easier (like a display lighting lamp), other individuals permitted for even a lot more exciting (yes webcam, about you). There was a time when Game Boy was an irreplaceable companion for all lovers of amazing devices.

Happy birthday, outdated buddy!

From today’s standpoint, when the very first far better smartphone can know a lot more than a Game Boy – the console may possibly appear ridiculous. However, this is a piece of electronic historical past that deserves respect. For his total contribution to the growth of the field, for innovation and all the hrs we invested in front of unlit screens – acquiring a good time. Until I go to the battery and begin Tetris to the game … or a couple of, and what!