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Apex Legends “How To”

A week has passed since the launch of Apex Legends. I decided to create a guide that will introduce you to the world of Respawn Entertaiment production. You will know the rules, heroes and some valuable information that will be useful in the fight. Even if you were not dealing with the Battle Royale genre before, do not go past Apex indifferently. This is an interesting title that everyone should give a chance. I will try to make it easier by quickly introducing the ropes to this game.

– Hardware requirements
– Basic principles
– Available characters
– Starting the match
– Game interface
– Levels of items
– Communication
– Death system
– Experience points and currency
– Combat Pass
– Tips for beginners

Apex Legends is a F2P game in which each of you can play for free * . PC owners will find it on the Origin platform, PS4 fans in the PSN store , and people with Xbox One in the Marketplace . Lastly, you must have an Xbox Live Gold subscription to play freely. There is no such requirement for PlayStation. This title has several language versions including Polish (subtitles) .

Minimum hardware requirements:

  • OS: Windows 7 (64-bit)
  • CPU: Intel Core i3-6300 3.8GHz / AMD FX-4350 4.2 GHz Quad-Core
  • RAM: 6 GB
  • GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GT 640 / Radeon HD 7730
  • RAM GPU: 1 GB
  • HDD: minimum 22 GB

Recommended configuration:

  • OS: Windows 7 (64-bit)
  • CPU: Intel i5 3570K or equivalent
  • RAM: 8 GB
  • GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 / AMD Radeon R9 290
  • RAM GPU: 8GB
  • HDD: minimum 22 GB

The discussed title is the production of Battle Royale, where as many as 60 people divided into three-person teams take part in the fight. The one who remains last on the battlefield will win. It is enough that only one person survives from the team to win the whole victory. Matches can be played with friends or randomly selected players from around the world. The gameplay is presented from the FPP view (First Person Perspective).

The arena where the match is played is surrounded by a huge ring, which will gradually decrease . If you stay outside its borders, your character will start taking damage. The smaller the circle, the more severe the consequences will be. Apex has only this mode for now, which may of course change in the future. Before you start a regular skirmish you will have to wait for a short tutorial . This, unfortunately, does not cover everything that is worth knowing.

APEX Legends Guide - Introduction

There are eight very different Legends available for disposal. Each has three capabilities: tactical, passive and special. It’s worth playing everyone to match the perfect hero or heroin under yourself. It all depends on the style of the game you prefer. Some characters will perform better on the defensive, the second will be open on the front line, while others will support reaching the target, will mark enemies or help in escaping the inevitable death. The choice is quite large.

At the beginning we have 6 Legends available , and two must be unlocked. You can do it for the currency gained from the matches (it is quickly accumulated) or for real money, while supporting the creators.

APEX Legends Guide - Bloodhound

Tactical ability: Eye of the All
– Reveals the position of hidden enemies, traps and traces.

Passive ability: Tracker
– Shows the traces left by the enemies.

Special ability: Wild hunter
– Faster movement and highlighting of victims.


APEX Legends Guide - Gibraltar

Tactical capability: Protective dome
– 15-second dome that blocks all attacks.

Passive ability: ballistic shield
– Ballistic shield, protecting against enemy fire.

Special ability: Bombardment
– Attack from a mortar to a marked position.


APEX Legends Guide - Lifeline

Tactical ability: DOC healing drone
– Drone healing nearby allies.

Passive ability: A combat medic
– Faster wound healing for allies. Medical subjects work 25% faster.

Special capacity: Supply dump
– Dump with defense equipment.


APEX Legends Guide - Pathfinder

Tactical ability: rope with hook
– Link allowing to get to different places.

Passive ability: Confidential information
– Signaling device showing the next position of the ring.

Special ability: Cannon with a rope
– Link for all allies.


APEX Legends Guide - Wraith

Tactical ability: Through the abyss
– Quick dodge through a safe abyss.

Passive ability: Voices from the abyss
– Information about impending danger.

Special ability: Dimensional gates
– A 60-second portal is created, which the whole team can use.


APEX Legends Guide - Bangalore

Tactical ability: Smoke launcher
– Smoke grenades that slightly hurt the enemy.

Passive ability: Faster pace
– If you receive damage during the sprint, the character will move even faster for a short while.

Special ability: Spherical lightning
– Artillery fire


APEX Legends Guide - Caustic

Tactical capability: Nox gas trap
– Gas trap. You can destroy it yourself or wait for it to be activated by the enemy.

Passive ability: Nox image
– Opportunity to see opponents in a gas fog.

Special ability: Nox gas grenade
– A special gas strongly injuring opponents.

Initially blocked

Price for unlocking: 12,000 Legend Tokens

APEX Legends Guide - Mirage

Tactical ability: Sick psyche
– You send a hologram to a specific place.

Passive ability: Bis!
– Automatic hologram and activation of the masking field for 5 seconds.

Special ability: Disappearance
– 6 holograms and a masking field.

Initially blocked

Price for unlocking: 12,000 Legend Tokens

APEX Legends Guide - Octane

Tactical ability: Stimulant
– For six seconds Octance moves 30% faster, but loses some health.

Passive ability: Self healing
– Slow regeneration of life.

Special ability: Stepping stone
– A special trampoline for launching into the air.

Initially blocked

Price for unlocking: 12,000 Legend Tokens

Before starting the game, the game randomly selects the order of the characters’ predictions . We can be first, second or third in the queue. It is worth to quickly mark the Legend, which you prefer to play so that someone else will not choose it. You can not have two of the same characters in the team. When this stage is over, everyone is transferred to the map. We have a moment to decide where we want to land . Again, Apex decides about the leader who will lead the unit to the ground. Here, however, you can relinquish this function and then someone else will lead the flight.

APEX Legends Guide - Match

If you do not make the decision to disconnect from the group, the whole team will land in the indicated place . When you touch the surface, the rat race will start. You need to quickly obtain weapons, medicaments and equipment that increases immunity. If no one is around, the search can be carried out calmly, but it’s worth being alert all the time so that the enemy does not attack you by surprise.

APEX Legends Poradnik - HUD / UI

1. Site map
2. Number of killings / deportations
3. The remaining number of branches and players
4. Our armaments and accessories
5. Currently used grenade
6. Special ability with the level of charge
7. Tactical ability
8. Abbreviation for the selected medication
9. Our allies
10. Quality of life and shields

In the game you can find a lot of different items. While their functions are well described, it’s worth knowing how they were divided into levels. We have four of these:

– Normal
– Rare
– Epic
– Legendary

APEX Legends Guide - Map

As you probably already guessed, the higher, the better. This applies to all items, weapons, supplements and medicaments. Therefore, it is worth focusing on the highest quality equipment to get positive results in the battle. The enemy will not wait and also searches for the entire area of ​​the zloty. Some of the goods can be obtained only from discharges , these are, fortunately, marked with small blue circles on the map. However, it is worth being careful, because others want to take it for themselves.

In the case of armor, the level is also of great importance. With protection:

  • 1 level – an additional 50 health points
  • 2nd level – an additional 75 health points
  • 3rd level – an additional 100 health points
  • 4th level – additional 100 health points + full renewal of shields after execution

If you attack someone, look at the color damage is being given . You will then know what level of equipment your goal has. This is additional information, because you will learn how much someone can still have life.

APEX Legends Guide - Communication

One of the most important and distinctive battle royale games is the marker system . Probably most of you know how hard it is sometimes to communicate with others if they do not speak the same language as us. Tagging goals and things like that does not seem like such an innovation, but in Apex Legends it’s just the opposite. We were given eight commands: Aim, Enemy, I am looking for spoils, I am attacking here, I am aiming for this position, I am defending this area, I am watching this area and Someone was here .

All of these options, apart from a clear mark on the map, are also presented in a voice form. Our character says what he intends to do, thus giving valuable information to the whole team. On the other hand, allies can confirm or deny a given decision. Such a system is not meant to replace classic communication, but only to improve it and it works. Like a few messages, but each of them is very helpful and functional for everyone. On the PC, just hold down the “scroll” and select the option from the selection wheel.

APEX Legends Guide - Death System

Another new feature of other battle royale games is the ability to restore a defeated companion to the game. When this one is overthrown, we have some time to pick it up and then, the ally is ready to fight at once. An obese poor man also has a shield that is able to save him from destruction. Depending on its level, the barrier may take more or less damage. He loses nothing but health. However, if he fails to support him, he dies. However, then there is also a chance for the companion to return, but his emblem should be regained . Then we bring it to the Rebirth Signal .

Comrade will return to the map, but will be deprived of everything he has gained so far . It’s like he started the game again with a clean account. It is worth to secure the perimeter, make sure that nobody kills it and, best of all, share objects and weapons. These can always be obtained, and it is better to have a full team or drucha alongside, than to play solo without any support.

Apex Legends strongly follows the solutions from other games. Therefore, for all the actions we have taken, we get experience points: killing, refutation, bringing back to life, and so on. In addition, you can win a bonus for winning, playing with friends, defeating the leader and champion. The more EXPs you can collect, the greater the chance of getting a level. For everybody we get a free mailbox where everything can be found: skins, currency, banners and much more. The chances of “drop” for something better are:

  • Rare or better: 100%
  • Epic or better: 24.8%
  • Legendary: 7.4%

APEX Legends Guide - Heirloom

There is also a special set – Heirloom , currently only for Wraith, which contains very unique items. However, no opportunity was given to get it. Currently, it is estimated that it is below 1%. The first one included: a new banner item , a knife skin (referred to as the Wraith Knife), and a unique Intro . Streamer Shroud revealed that each character will have such a set.

APEX Legends Guide - Shopping

Just like in Overwatch, here everyone has the chance to get something interesting. You do not have to spend real money to become the owner of legendary items. Of course, if it is not enough for someone, you can always go to the virtual store for shopping. There are plenty of Apex packages there. It is also worth mentioning the currencies that occur in the game:

Apex coins : the premium currency for which we buy Apex packages, to buy for real money.

Legend Tokens : the currency we receive for increasing the level of experience for which you can buy new heroes.

Craft metals : a raw material for creating skins and objects. We also get it from packages.


With the start of the first season, a combat pass was added to the game. This can be purchased for coins in succession 950 and 2800 , which translates into PLN 40 and PLN 120. Each version unlocks special levels, thanks to which you can get new skins of your favorite Legend, statistics for tracking, currency and a lot of other things. The more you play, the faster it will be promoted, which will translate into a greater number of different prizes. It is not an obligatory element, so you do not worry if you do not take it. Still, it is worth considering, since yielding 100 lv zasilicie your account 1,000 coins, which should be enough for the next Battle Passa, which probably will appear in the second season. For those who are also not prepared something interesting. I am talking about:

– 1 legendary skin from the Wild Kresy
– 5 Apex packages
– 18 statistics for tracking from the Wild Kresy

  • Do not be afraid to lose. Before you know the possibilities of all Legends, it will take some time. You will, however, already know who to stand for and what to expect.
  • Stick to the group. Fighting alone you have less chance than in a team. Playing in Rambo usually ends badly, even if you have great equipment, three opponents with medium weapons will beat you quickly.
  • Pay attention to the items you bring. Each weapon has a different color suggesting what ammo it needs. Do not carry unnecessary things because the amount of space in the backpack is limited.
  • Use the markup system. It really helps in the fun and gives accurate information to the whole team. Instead of explaining something for 5 minutes, just mark something. The rest will know what’s going on right away.
  • Do not let yourself be locked in a building. The door can be blocked, even by Caustica traps. You will not leave, and your opponent will gas you to death
  • A seemingly empty building can only be a trap. When searching through new places all the time, be on your guard. You never know if someone is waiting around the corner for a surprise attack.
  • Some guns and guns have two shot modes. If next to your weapon there is an icon of a single cartridge and several, it means that you can change the options in such. On the PC, the B key is responsible for it.
  • The greatest treasures can always be obtained from the dump. These are marked on the map, which everyone can see. It’s better to observe the area for a moment and make sure it is not an ambush.
  • Have a team of different specialists so that the Legends support each other well. Three “attackers” are bad tactics, because neither cover nor treatment. The right balance of the team to one of the main factors to win.
  • Use the facilities. It’s all about slipping and all these links. It is much harder to hit you if you move quickly, and these two elements are very helpful. They will also be useful when it turns out that the rival is too strong.
  • Each of the Legend has its talents. It is not worth waiting until the last moment to use them. There may not be another opportunity, and people often forget about them or are not well versed to use them at the moment on the battlefield.
  • Listen to the sounds of the surroundings. If you know that some strange signals come to you from a place where there is certainly no ally, there is a good chance that the enemy is approaching.

I hope that the above information will be useful for you. I realize that these are only some basics and a few more detailed information. Apex Legends is a really nice production and although it can overwhelm the number of elements at the beginning, it guarantees that you will get used to them quickly. Then the fun will become even more enjoyable, and you will press the “Play” button for the nth time.

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